Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brrrr..... Its Cold!

Its been really cold the last couple days.  But we ventured out yesterday to visit the USS Lexington.
We rushed through the upper deck with the windchill temperature feeling like -20!  But we both thoroughly enjoyed the self-tours which take you winding through the halls, through the ship (aircraft carrier). 
Jeff is big on history, and is always interested in a museum... but Sheryl... not so much.  
The USS Lexington Museum on the bay, however, was an exception to the world of museums.

If it weren't for the tour arrows, we would have been lost in here for a very long time.  How did they do it?

I would not have wanted to have this my bed. (hmm... that might be like I would talk if I really had to sleep here.)

Pilot's briefing room dating back to WWII

We didnt see any notice about physical ability at the entrance... but alot of people could NOT do this tour.

I had to make a second trip to the Ladies room for a picture. 

That's all we have to show you for now... but there's always more to come!
Now we need to decide when we will leave here, and where we will go from here.  We think we are leaving on Saturday, and heading for New Mexico.  That's what we are thinking, right now.


  1. Just explored your Home Page tabs...Robert will love the rebel flag! I love it that we have similar "wheels"-our floorplans are almost identical! We love our Landmark!
    Looking forward to "taggin'" along with you!

  2. Love your Home Page scripture too!

  3. Great tour you two. Thanks for sharing. I know I wouldn't be able to take that tour. Too many little tight spots for me.


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