Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back at Leasburg Dam SP

We left Alamogordo this morning with our destination being Pancho Villa SP on the Mexico border, South of Deming, NM.  We have a reservation at Rockhound SP (south of Deming) for March 5-13.  We dont like making reservations, but they only have a few electric sites, so we took what they had available.  So since we couldnt get in until the 5th, we had 3 nights to spend somewhere else, and thought we would try out Pancho Villa since they have lots of electric sites, and even though we wanted to visit Las Cruces again, we didnt think they would have an electric site that we could fit in. 

But as we entered Las Cruces, we felt like we had come home and we had to stop.  Well... God has gone before us and prepared our way once again!  Here we are in an awesome site with electricity at Leasburg Dam SP!   Elaine and her poodle "Biscuit" are still here, so we were anxious to see them again.  She was one of the camphosts the first time we were here.  Leasburg was our first place to stay in New Mexico... this was last May.  It was fun to share with Elaine all the places we had been since we saw her last.

Aahh... relaxing at home again - same home, new yard.

After settled, Jeff went out to where we found wood our first trip... still there!

Fire again... awesome night.

It may be hard to leave such a great site after only 3 nights, but we have a reservation waiting for us.   We will go into Las Cruces tomorrow.  We have several places we want to go.

Tuesday, March 2

Tuesday morning was "one of those mornings" for me.  I had planned to make us Spinach and Asparagus Frittata for breakfast, but first I had to clean up the coffee that I dumped on the carpet.  Very irritated at this point, but determined to make the frittata.  So I sauteed the asparagus and spinach and made a good looking frittata.  But then attempting to transfer it to a plate, I dropped it on the floor.  I just wanted to cry at this point.  Fortunately, I had cut the frittata in half, so half was still in the pan.  I gave this half to Jeff for his breakfast and I had cottage cheese and grapefruit. 

The rest of the day we spent getting things put away, cleaning up and getting the clean laundry put away...  and getting a little sun. 

Monday, March 1

Monday we went into town and did our 3 weeks worth of laundry.  One thing about this RV life is the laundry... you never know what you will get.  One load of our dark clothes all came out "stone wash".  Some of it looks good... some not so much.

Our other outing for the day was the space museum and iMax theater with the Hubble movie.  I'm not much for movies in theaters and Jeff keeps reminding me that we have never been to a theater together, so hopefully this counts so Im off the hook!

Those were some photos we took from inside the iMax theater.

Abrupt stop, but gotta get to bed.  (we're trying to get on a better schedule)


  1. Hello to my favorite travelers.
    Love the pictures and the cross on your wall.
    Don't you just love the iMax theater. It makes it so real.
    Thats a good movie to go to for your first movie together.
    I miss and love you two.

  2. Me again love how you are taking the pictures as your driving.

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