Monday, March 7, 2011

Whoo HOO! We're Somebody!

That's how we're feeling today...  thanks to our followers and fellow bloggers comments.   It's encouraging to know that someone out there is actually reading our blog.  And the interaction through your comments helps us to feel a part of the blog world... especially fellow Full-time RVers!  It's so exciting to hear about your journeys and experiences, and follow along with you as you follow along with us.  So...  THANK YOU!

We even get to meet a fellow RV blogger couple!  Duane and Louise are here in Deming and we seem to share some same interests (besides the full-timin thing)... AND we found out this morning that they are good friends with Paul and Marsha that we met in Holbrook, AZ last year.

It has seemed that we just miss others at various places.  A while back I wanted to holler "Wait Up!" So many of you fellow Full-Timers were at places that we are going to be at, but not yet.  We spent time boondocking out of Borrego Springs last year, and enjoyed revisiting via the blogs of Kelly and Al who stayed very near where we set up last year, and Rene' and Jeanette who toured the area on their bike, just as we did last year when we had one of our bikes with us.  They encouraged us into our decision to get a Swivelwheel carrier for our bike so we can again take it with us.  Thanks to Donna aka Froggi and Stu for introducing us to them so we could get first hand experience with the Swivelwheel.  These lucky two travel with both their bikes!

There are many more of you, whose blogs I enjoy and whose comments I greatly appreciate... but if I took the time here to mention all of you I wouldnt get anything done today! 

I enjoy ALL of our fellow Full-Timers blogs, so if you arent yet following our blog, please do so we can find out about you and follow your blog!

Hopefully we can meet up with many of you later this year or next year.  Isnt this life great?  (except for the rise in fuel cost)


  1. How funny that you should mention Stu and Froggi Donna. We have been blog friends with them since 06. We met in person last year in Indiana. I carved a biker for them. Small world huh.

  2. It is like one BIG happy family out here.

  3. Great post. We were happy to find your blog and hope to meet up with you in Oregon sometime this summer.

  4. Glad you got to meet Duane and Louise...such great folks!

    Hope we get to meet next winter when we'll do the southwest. We'll be in Yuma for the next Gypsy Journal Rally...whoo-hoo!!

  5. nice to meet the 'people behind the words'..great post today!!..blogville is like one big happy family!!!

  6. Yep, we too find it wonderful to meet fellow RV bloggers - funny how they are just like you pictured them to be when you meet up. All down to earth, great people! Love to meet both of you sometime as well!

  7. Thanks for reading our blog. I hope to meet you one of these days. It's a great lifestyle on the road.

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