Thursday, March 24, 2011

City of Rocks SP

Tuesday afternoon we pulled out of Rockhound SP and drove the 41 miles North to City of Rocks SP. 

Our friends, Allyn and Phyllis, had a week reservation at City of Rocks starting Tuesday.  They were there to greet us.

Actually, I think what I heard Allyn holler when we drove in was something like, "Oh No... there goes the neighborhood"!

We got together at our place Tuesday night, and had a great time playing games and laughing ALOT!
Ya thats me falling off the sofa and trying not to pee my pants!

Oh ya, forgot to tell you about our site.  City of Rocks SP has only 10 electric sites, 2 are reservable, 2 are camp hosts, so there are only 6 sites available on first come basis.  We didnt want to give up our beautiful site with electric at Rockhound, if we didnt know we had a site at City of Rocks.  So we called ahead to check on it.  They thought that someone was leaving one of the sites, but they hadnt yet, and they arent suppose to save sites.  After four phone calls, maybe they knew I was serious about wanting an electric site.  They told me on the fourth phone call that the people in E-5 had moved out and they had placed a "occupied" sign on the site... just for us! 

Yesterday (Wednesday) we did some walking, hiking and bicycle riding around the park.  This cluster of rocks is amazing.... its almost like a little City of Rocks!!

Last night we enjoyed a fire over at their site, complete with roasted marshmallows!

Today we are off to Silver City for the day.  Infact we are on our way now.  Im finishing up the post in the back seat.  We may be leaving tomorrow, heading back toward Oregon... but we will see. 
Oh ya... our television mysteriously quit working between Rockhound and City of Rocks.  We will have it repaired when we get to Grants Pass.  Fortunately it is under warranty.

Check back soon to see Silver City.


  1. city of rocks looks like a great park!!!..what a great time you all had!!..we can 'hear the laughter!'

  2. That looks like my kind of place! And would you look at that campfire...what a great evening. I could tell you what to do when you are laughing so hard you fall off the just Depends!!

  3. Nothing like friends on the road. Love all the pictures.

  4. we think we are heading into New Mexico - thanks for the heads and up and tour of a few places! Much appreciated LOVE campfires.

  5. I love the desert. It is so pretty where you are.
    I do remember one other time when you could not stop from wetting your britches. Your one funny girl.
    I love and miss you both so much.

  6. Hey Girl,
    its me Shirley just wanting to say hi Iam hanging out with our home girl wishing we were there in that beautiful weather with you guys trade you places.Looks like you are having a great time,looking forward to seeing you again,
    God bless you & be safe Shirley

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