Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slight Move.... Slight Transformation... and a Plan!

Our site was only available through the 13th, and we like this place too much to leave after only 9 nights here.  So when our neighbors left yesterday, we moved into their site! 
Pulling Out...

Backing In...

This was the shortest moving day ever!!

This site is a non-reservable site, so we can stay here up to 21 days!
We also like this site because the shelter has four poles, which allows us to put up our screens.

The screen makes such a difference in the wind.  It was entertaining putting it up in the wind.  Not sure if it was more entertaining to us or the onlookers.

That was the Slight Move part of this post,
Now for the Slight Transformation...

Jeff had grown a beard, which he has never done for this long

But today, as we sat in the sun, we decided it would be a good time to shave, before he tanned anymore around it.
Ooo...Eee, My husband is handsome!  I liked the beard, but I like the skin more.

Some days, Jeff has more motivation than I do, and Thursday was one of those days.  As he went for a difficult bicycle ride, I reclined in the sunshine.

I did get out of my chair long enough to get a picture when he got back...

Good job Honey!

Now for the PLAN part of the post...
We made the decision to stay here until the 23rd, then go to City of Rocks SP for a week while our friends, Phyllis and Allen are there... then we will head back to Oregon from there, arriving at our destination in Oregon around April 7th.  That will give us 3 weeks in Grants Pass before we leave for our Camp Host jobs.
1500 miles and $600 later, we will arrive in Grants Pass, Oregon.  The $600 is fuel, of course.  Yikes!


  1. nice light moving day!! the relaxing in the chair photo!!!

  2. I like the skin also...LOL What a HUGE site!

  3. We really liked City of Rocks & it wasn't too far of a drive to Silver City. Gila Cliff Dwellings make for a nice day trip on a winding road through forests. Palo Alto is kind of a neat old dusty western town as well.

  4. Enjoy your stay in the Deming area. Today is the last day of Roundup. Louise worksall day today, I will work part of the day then go to the show for a bit. Leaving Tuesday morning
    See ya down the road
    Duane and Louise

  5. I think you did the right thing to stay home and lounge in the sun. Jeff look a little winded there LOL! That looks like a great camp site.

  6. Love the new site. I would have opted for the lounge chair also. Not much for rugged rides. Love the walks or hikes though.

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