Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rockhound SP - Deming, NM

We left Leasburg Dam SP mid-afternoon, and drove 91 miles South West to Rockhound SP, south of Deming, NM. 

We have a 9 day reservation, and we're so happy with our site. 
I think we have the best site here!
Our lot at the top of the campground

Out our door

This is the view out our back window!

Our Desert Sunset tonight

We had a short visit with Elaine (and Biscuit) before leaving today. 

Isn't Biscuit Sweet?  I think we need a doggy.
Rockhound SP is a place for rockhounds I guess... and that we are.  They allow each person to take 15 pounds of rock!  We got here late, so we havent explored the area to see where all these rocks are, but we are looking forward to it tomorrow!

Oh ya... when we took the exit into Deming we passed a gas station and the price of diesel was $4.39!!  What the heck!  I guess we wont be going any great distances in the near future... except to Oregon for camp host jobs this Summer.


  1. Just found you from your comment on Bayfield Bunch. We are Oregonians too (Eugene) and just picked up our new Lazy Daze MH last week. We won't be full-timing (at least not yet!) but we may see you at Prineville or Washburne this summer. Have fun rock hounding. God Bless and travel safe.

  2. just found your site through Bayfield Bunch...going to ride along a for a while!..have a good one!!

  3. We did an overnighter in Rock Hound before moving to Pancho Villa in Columbus New Mexico back in 06. I remember a nice trail looping around the campground. We were driving a truck & fifth wheel then & Rockhound was among some of the very first State Parks we ever stayed in. We found the Silver City area north of you really nice & City of Rocks State Park is really interesting too. It's just before you get to Silver City. The Gila Cliff Dwellings make for a nice day trip from there. In Silver City I would recommend Manzano's RV Park. Nice clean little Park if you happen to get up that way. If your heading west I would suggest you slip back down to Columbus & follow highway 9 along the Mexican border. Nice quiet scenic drive heading for Rodeo New Mexico. Rusty's RV Park is another nice place right on the Arizona State Line. If you happen to get over into that area I can help you with a lot of things to see & do.........

  4. Looks like a nice SP to visit,great pictures also, have fun.

  5. Thanks for the commit on our blog. We would be happy to meet up with you. I sent you and email with my phone number, give me a call.

  6. Hey you two. I see Duane and Louise left you a comment. They are two of our good friends. Be sure to touch base with them. You will really like them.
    Place looks great. Enjoy the warm weather. Gas here is $3.39...CRAZY!

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