Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Change in Plans... really?

I think our latest plan was that we were to leave today for Quartzsite, along with friends, Steve and Roberta. 
Well... we didn't.  From what we were hearing, Quartzsite was a madhouse.  I mentioned to Jeff that we didnt need anything that bad... and thats all it took.  He agreed that we didn't need to go. 
Steve and Roberta decided to take a day trip over.  They came back saying it was a joke.  Now we are really glad we didnt make the trip.

    So what is the new plan??

I made the call... and we have dental appointments over the border in Los Algodones on Monday.  We will have follow up appointments later in the week. 

THE NEW PLAN is to leave here Thursday morning... drive to Winterhaven, CA... and find a place to boondock along the All-American Canal, just a mile from the Mexico border.
Steve and Roberta are going to the area as well... so we hope to walk over the border together on Friday, so we can find the dentist office with more "support".  Then we won't be so nervous on Monday when we go over for our appointment. 

  What was that I said about our perfect weather here??

While Palm Springs had winds for 24 hours that blew down trees and poles and blew over a tour bus on I-10 encouraging the closing of the interstate... we had only a wind storm that came and went on Saturday afternoon.  We could see the storm coming... a brown sky of dust whirling in our direction.  We didnt go outside except to take down the flag, lay down chairs and strap down anything else that may blow away.  We closed up windows, turned off A/C, and roasted while we watched it blow.

What a mess it left.  It took all day on Sunday for Michael and Ann to clean the Hot Tub, Pool and Patio area. 

We had another game night on Sunday night after the NFL playoff games... which I DONT want to talk about!!

There were only 6 of us this time, but we had a fun time. 
Karin and Ziggy, in the top right corner of the photo collage, left the next morning for Yuma area, where they were going across the border to the dentist. 
  Today I did inside cleaning and the laundry,
 and tomorrow will be outside cleaning up and packing up - day. 
But first we need to GET up... so we better get to bed.



  1. great shots of that 'wind storm'..batton down the hatches!!

  2. I could almost hear the roar of the wind looking at those pictures. Wowzers, wouldn't want to be caught in that! Good luck in Los Algadones. Been there to pick up meds but never had the courage to visit a dentist.

  3. I grew up in Yuma, and several family members had major dental work done across the border in San Luis. Dad had a partial plate, mom had several crowns, and my grandfather got dentures. That was many years ago, but I suspect it has become a thriving business with so many retirees sweeping through the area in the winter. And it would be impossible to list all of my older family members who still take advantage of the cheaper prescription drugs in Mexico. Mostly they use the drugstores in Algodones since it's a few miles closer.

  4. Those photos look more like a Florida hurricane than something I would expect to encounter in California!! Have fun at the dentist;)) From everything I've heard, they are very good down there in Mexico. I remember reading one story about a dentist in Yuma who had an office in Algadones and he said it was busier than his office in Yuma!!

  5. I'm in Quartzsite right now and I LOVE it !!

    All the peace and quiet, scenery and amazing sunsets of boondocking in the desert - with a little pop into Town each day for an hour or so to see all the great gizmos and gadgets the vendors have.

  6. Boy some wind storm! Good luck with the dental appointments. Always fun playing a few games with friends. Have a Great Weekend!

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