Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boondockin' on the Mexico border

Here we are... Where we were... Back then.
Near the beginning of our Wheel life... back before our blogging days...
We boondocked along the All-American Canal, just out of Yuma, on the road that leads into Mexico.
This was THEN...

This is NOW...
We are parked behind Steve and Roberta

We weren't here for Mexico THEN... but we are NOW.
A split tooth and 2 broken teeth... in need of a dentist... an affordable dentist!

Our first appointment is on Monday, so we walked across the border yesterday,
to make sure we know where we are going on Monday.
We found it with no problem...
 just a bit stressful making our way through all the street barkers, to get there.

After confirming our appointment, we strolled the streets...
taking in some entertainment and looked through some of the street markets.

Our only purchase was at a pharmacy... 
We scored 120 Prilosec for $2.70 and a bottle of Vanilla for $1.29!
I'm making a list of other medicines we may want to get on our next trip.

Our stress level really rises in this environment, so we didnt last long.
Steve and Roberta, however, were just getting started...
so we left them behind and headed for the border crossing...

Where we found what felt like a never ending line!

Fortunately there WAS an end to the line and the end of the line eventually led us to the front of the line and through Customs.
Finally across, we still had a long walk home.  We had ridden down with Steve and Roberta... but like I said, we left them there...  them AND our ride. 
It was a 40 minute walk home. 
It would have been quicker if I hadnt been in sandals...
 and if Jeff's ankle and toe weren't still bothering him...
 and if the wind hadn't picked up, blowing against us.
But We Made It!

Last Night... Back yard Sunset

The wind grew stronger as time grew later, and it really roared during the night.
None of us slept much.
This morning, I wasn't willing to fight the wind to turn the generator on,
so I opted to boil water on the stovetop and pour it through the coffee grounds.
I made some very good coffee!

Going backwards on this blog post...
Back at Oasis Palms, before leaving there on Thurday...

We spent Wednesday packing up and re-organizing the storage compartment,
and stocking up on fruit!
That's ALOT of fruit!

The night before leaving, we had one final game night of LRC.
New players joined us.  In the middle of the top picture...
Meet Roger and Darlene.  From Wisconsin, they met through e-harmony and married soon after. 

We made very good friends with the park managers, Ann and Michael. 
THEY are the reason this is such a great place to be.
That is them at the right of the top picture, and Ann and I in bottom corner picture.

It's sometimes hard to say good-bye to new friends.
but home is on wheels, and wheels roll.
I expect we will meet up again.

Good-Bye Oasis Palms and Ann and Michael...
Thanks for the enjoyable and memorable stay.


  1. WOW that header picture is sure fiery. Beautiful!!

  2. Love the sunset picture. It must be a bit more stressful there. We don't have any presents of the military in Pregreso. Enjoy your stay in sunny Yuma.

  3. great backyard sunset shot!!!!..enjoy your stay and good luck at the dentist!!

  4. Mexico looks really crowded there. Great pictures. Are you heading toward Phoenix after leaving the boarder? We would love to meet up with you. Enjoy your travels.

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