Tuesday, January 3, 2012



The start of this New Year has been incredible.  The last time I posted, we were ready to move on from here.  But since, we have warmed up to this place.  REALLY warmed up infact...  the weather has been incredible!  The wind stopped before Christmas, and it has continued to get warmer with each day.  The last few days have reached the 80's and the direct sun has felt more like the 90's.

Jeff's ankle continues to improve, so we're able to go a little bit further each time we hike... and there certainly are alot of hikes around Palm Springs.

Yesterday was our Anniversary, so we celebrated with breakfast at IHOP and then what must be the best hike in Palm Springs.  It better be the best, because it costs $9 per adult for entry.

Our hike was at the Indian Canyons.  There are many trails, and 3 Canyons to choose from.  Andreas Canyon, Murray Canyon, and Palm Canyon.  We went to Palm Canyon... a 15 mile long canyon with palm trees and streams. 

View down into the canyon from the parking lot.
A trail leads us down into the canyon, and to various trailheads.   Their Trail Map shows each trail, and identifies it as Easy, Moderate or Strenuous.  It sounds helpful... but we couldnt make any sense out of their map or most of their trail posts, which seemed to have contradicting arrows going in every direction... We were totally lost.  We hiked some easy, some moderate, and a lot of strenuous... but it sure made for some great views!

We took so many pictures, we cant begin to share the experience...

When we reached the canyon floor again, we were ready for a cool-off break, and we found the perfect place.

We removed shoes and socks and enjoyed it to the fullest!

What a Great Day!

On New Years Day... when the sun went down, we had our first fire since being here.  We didnt think we could have a fire... but we asked, and as long as we keep the screen on our fire pit it is allowed!  Every one in our little neighborhood came, and we had a wonderful time.

Such a good time, that we're having another neighborhood fire tonight.  Jeff and I drove out into the desert (around the corner) and collected a pile of old lumber someone had thrown out.

Having not blogged for 10 days or so... its making it hard to remember all we've done.  But thankfully we take pictures!

One of our days out roaming, took us to Pioneertown, out of Yucca Valley. 

I will let you read about it yourself...

We took an enjoyable stroll through the little old town.

Mmmmm.... just took a break to eat our late Anniversary Steak dinner .  The original plan was to grill Steaks last night, ON our anniversary, but 2 things... Stater Bros was out of their New York Steaks (that were on sale) AND we were too exhausted and not that hungry.  But tonight it was awesome.

The same day that we visited Pioneertown, we went for a hike on the trails at the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve in Morongo Valley.  It was a good hike... I think it was the first hike after our attempt of the Araby Trail.

We thought this was interesting to find in the middle of one of the trails...

Lets see... what can we tell you about next?

Thursday night we went to Villagefest, this is the downtown Palm Springs Street Fair.  We took our neighbors, Julie and Bill, with us... and fun was had by all.  We picked the perfect Thursday to attend... it was a very warm pleasant evening.

Jeff & Sheryl with Julie & Bill and Nick

Until our visit to Indian Canyons, our favorite hike was one we went on last week at Whitewater Canyon.  The Pacific Crest Trail passes through here. 

Following the Pacific Crest Trail either South or North, would take us 219.1 miles to Mexico or 2445.4 miles to Canada.  We opted for the South trail... but we didn't quite make it to Mexico.  Surprise... surprise.

After our hike this day, we had our first game night planned.   Geez...  what took so long?  We really enjoy getting together with others and playing games.  Its certainly not the competition that makes it so fun... its the chatter and the silliness.  Games loosen people up.  If you dont know someone... play a game with them!

We got together with Jeff and Patty (we met at Carl Washburne SP in July) and Fred and Trudy (they're from New York).  We met at Fred and Trudy's park model home.

The memorable moment of the night was when Patty managed to roll her dice into her wine.

Fun Night... Thanks Fred and Trudy for having us over!

Well... Im not done, but Im being called out to the fire.  Yet another fun evening awaits.

I will continue the blog tomorrow hopefully... or... maybe the next day. 
Not sure what we have planned for tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like your having a great time there. We really like that area when we were there. Don't miss Coachella Valley Nature Preserve.

  2. sure sounds and looks like things are moving right along!..continue having all that fun!!..glad to see that Jeff's ankle is getting better and better!!!

    Boy you two have been having the time of your life. The photos are wonderful. The trails look awesome. So glad your weather is beautiful! Continue to enjoy a little heaven on Earth.
    Wishing you two a healthy and happy New Year!

  4. Happy anniversary, Sheryl and Jeff! It sounds like you are having a great time enjoying the warm weather!

  5. Happy anniversary to you both. Glad to hear that Jeff's ankle is doing better and your getting back to enjoying your hikes. The neighborhood camp fire looked liked fun and the perfect evening weather for it. Just got back from BC so missed the sun for most of the past 7 day's. Wishing you another great week.

  6. First of all, Happy Anniversary. Man, I am tired just reading all that!! What a life you are living. Loved all the pictures...the hikes...the palm canyon...the feet in the water!! Enjoy it all and continue to make memories.

  7. Okay, now that I started reading your blog again and seeing the new pics, I understand why you haven't made it here to see Ella yet. I wouldn't want to leave the gorgeous weather and beautiful views either! I'm so glad you are having such a great time . Love you lots and Happy new year, Kyla

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