Thursday, January 5, 2012


Our month is up... we leave here in the morning.  As nice as it has been... we are ready.  The park is nearly full, and its becoming too much of a happening place for us.  The pool is too crowded for our comfort... and there are people everywhere.

I checked the weather at all the places we could go... and we have the best weather here of anywhere around us, including Arizona and Texas.  So we are not willing to give up this beautiful weather... we are moving 50 miles SE.  There is a Passport America park, just South of Mecca, that has availability and we can stay for $11 night with Water and Electric.  If we are comfortable, and the weather stays like this, we may stay a week. 

We weren't able to make it down to the Painted Canyons or Ladder Canyons, so we will have a chance to do that while staying there.  Also, we won't be so far to take a tour of Salvation Mountain.  I just wish we had made it there while Leonard was still around. 

I know I finished the last post saying that I would continue the next day.  Its been a couple days, and I forgot the things that I hadnt yet told you about... so oh well... time goes on.

Yesterday morning, we had to say good-bye to our new friends and neighbors, Les and Wendy.

They were such a joy to meet and share time with.
The whole neighborhood came out so say good-bye.
They are off to Yuma to check it out and walk over the border into Mexico...
even though none of us who have been there had anything good to say about it,
and we had Wendy pretty well convinced that she wouldnt like it. 
Maybe we should all just keep our mouths shut!
New friends and neighbors, Bill and Julie, pulled out this morning... we said our good-bye's last night.

We dont know who was out to see them off this morning... we weren't.
We had another good fire the other night. 
It started at 6:30, but not everyone was there until almost 9:00. 
Fred had gone to Home Depot to get yet more materials for the shed he has been building...

and Kent and Karen were flying in from Canada, where they had gone to spend the holidays, 
so Les and Wendy were picking them up.

Good to have you back, Kent and Karen!

They are a wonderful couple. 
They waste no time meeting new arrivals, and within minutes they know everything about them! 
Wow... it takes us weeks to learn that much about someone... if ever we do.

Jeff and Patty have invited us over for dinner tonight, so we are off to their place in a few minutes.  Then its one last night of games at Fred and Trudy's.  Should be an enjoyable last evening here.


  1. the quote on the rock is very fitting!..going to copy it..hope that's travels to you both!

  2. I Love that saying...I wish I could post it on my profile...have a great trip.

  3. I don't know how to publish a comment except as anonymous...I just posted the above comment.

    Cindy Lucy

  4. We got to meet Leonard. What a cool guy. He gave us a tour of his "Home." God Bless him.
    Safe travels down the road!

  5. So nice to meet new friends as we travel around this beautiful continent. maybe we will meet up with you some time, too!

    Mike and Dee

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