Friday, January 20, 2012

Time for an update... eh?

The "eh?" is for all our Canadian friends.  There sure are a lot of Canadian RVers!  At the Sands RV Resort, the majority are from Canada.  Here at the Oasis Palms, the majority may be from Oregon and Washington... but there are some from Canada, as well as Germany and Australia!

We have enjoyed our time here so much that we are still here!  We came for 3-5 days, but tomorrow it will be 2 weeks.  We plan to leave on Tuesday 1/24, with another couple, Steve and Roberta, from Oregon.  We will travel to Quartzsite together and hopefully find a good spot in the desert together.  We're going for the annual RV show, but thats about it, so we will probably stay only 2 nights.

From Quartzsite, we may end up going to the Yuma area, so we can go to the dentist over the border in Los Algodones.  If we do that, we will boondock on the California side along the All American Canal, where we stayed 2 years ago.  I have 2 teeth that have needed crowns for awhile now, and Jeff split a tooth the other night.

So that updates you on our plans... now for a recap of our time here:

We love this park!... and we seem to be in the perfect place for weather.  We have had no rain and no wind.  Even when there are strong winds south of us near Borrego Springs, and north of us at Palm Springs... we have it calm and beautiful!

This is Louie.. the most friendly cat ever
his owner came to get him the other evening, but he decided he lived here.

We have enjoyed a couple fun game nights with new friends...

There are good roads to ride our bicycles on or go for a good walk.  We rode toward the Salton Sea the other day, but did a quick turn around when we approached the end of the road, and a pack of dogs (like 20?) came running out of the orchard, and confronted us... though still from a distance, it was intimidating enough for us to turn around and pedal like ****!

We have yet to use the pool or hot tub!  we better do that!

Friends, Roberta and Steve, playing Ping Pong...
...while Jeff checks the email.

aahh, yes... the very significant event?   
Jeff washed our wheel house!

Sad to say it... but this was the first thorough washing since we bought it in August 2010!!
 I know we said that one of the reasons we stayed longer in this area was so that we could hike Painted Canyons and Ladder Canyons... well we still haven't!!

We attempted it, but the road into it was so awful... it was washboard road and I didnt have a motion sickness pill, so I was getting nauseas.  So we pulled off on a side road on the way there, and did some hiking.

Earlier this week, we drove down to Borrego Springs, which was the first place we went, and our first boondocking experience when we set out on this RV life adventure in March 2010.  We didnt get any pictures, but things looked the same... except that it looked like some of the roads were marked that hadnt been before.  We drove all around the areas we had stayed, and felt a little homesick!  I really thought there would be more RVs out there in January, but we could have easily found a nice spot to ourselves.

There are groves of Date Palms all around here
That's about it for news...

We're still enjoying all the citrus fruits all around us.  Every day we enjoy grapefruit, oranges and tangerines.  Anne loaned me a hand juicer, so the last 2 days I have made us fresh squeezed orange juice.  For every 4 oranges, I include a grapefruit, and it makes for some tasty juice!

Today we are driving into Indio, for a final shopping trip to Costco and Walmart before leaving the area.  Gotsta stock up the freezer and cupboards! 

Better get going... another sunny day of adventure awaits!


  1. We stayed in Indio when we were in that area.
    The desert is huge. I am sure you will find a great spot to park the rigs. Safe travels. Enjoy the "Q". ~WheresWeaver

  2. Have fun in Q - we'll just make a daytrip there. leaving here Feb 14 on way to Senator Wash @ Imperial Dam - hope to see you there?

  3. Nice place you're staying there! That's a great area for so many reasons. Nice to meet some more people from Oregon. Bet you're all happy to be down there, and not up here. Sure a lot of flooding in a lot of places in the state right now. We've been happy not to be anywhere close to any of that. You're really getting good, speaking Canadian and all.

    Wonder about those folks from Germany...isn't that a bit far to be driving a rig?

    Enjoy the sunshine. Don't get crushed by the crowds at the Q.

  4. a pack of dogs!?!?! that would have scared me to death as well! maybe I should remember to carry pepper spray or wasp spray or something when we take off walking in the desert.

  5. We were in Q yesterday, what a crowd. We walked down one aisle of the big tent and left. I guess the first day of the event was not the best day to We are in Congress now.

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