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Tuesday October 22
We weren't sure how our stay would be, when we first arrived at Hardeeville RV Park.  We found it with no problem.  We pulled in and parked in front of the office as the sign instructed.  I went inside the office to pay our money and get our site... but found the office door locked.  There were no notes posted that they "would be right back". So I called the phone #, but I'm the only one that heard it ringing on the other side of the sliding glass door.  On the paperwork in the lobby, I found a cell # so I called it and got voicemail.  I called again and again and left messages.  I walked all around the park.  Nobody.  We were there for an hour, before the owner drove up and so innocently asked "wanting to check in?"  DUH!

Not sure how it would go from there, I just paid for 2 nights.  But we set up in a comfortable site with 50 amp, plenty of space, cable TV and WiFi.  So our 2 nights ended up being 5 nights (one night at a time).

Hardeeville RV Park is in South Carolina, but only a few miles North of Savannah, Georgia.  So all our time away from the park was spent in Georgia.

We crossed this bridge every day

Fort Pulaski National Monument
 We had never heard of Fort Pulaski, but Jeff especially enjoys anything historical, AND it was a chance to take advantage of our annual national park pass.

It was very interesting... but I am SO not a historian or a teacher.
So I will give you a couple links here...



Tybee Island and Sponge Bob!

 We were told by a blog follower to visit Tybee Island... that it was stuck back in the 60s.  Sounded interesting.  But what we got was a surprise. 

There were police and security all over the beach street.  We soon realized they were filming.  Paramount Pictures was there filming a new movie "Sponge Bob Square Pants 2" 

I asked, "Where is Sponge Bob?"  Then a devastating blow...  Sponge Bob isn't Real!!
I tried hard to take that in, then they explained.... they put him in later.  Oh! Whew... so he is real.

That explains the bicycle pedaling around with no one on it.  Sponge Bob will be on it later.  And the empty umbrellas on the beach.  They must be awaiting Sponge Bob's friends to come in later.

We haven't seen Sponge Bob ONE... but we will most likely see TWO when it comes out,
just because we were there. 
Southbound Brewing
I find Breweries by searching for them on the internet.
Here is the website for Southbound Brewery
They have a great website... and no reason for me not to think that they are open!  So we went. We pulled in to an empty parking lot with no sign of activity.  But we lucked out by speaking to a business man who has an office in a separate part of the building.  He took us around to the back side of the building, and hollered at the guys... "Hey, I've got a couple here all the way from Oregon, that came to visit your brewery"

They invited us in for a beer!  But don't touch the counter... it is freshly varnished.  They served up a Hoplin' IPA for Jeff, and a Belgian Day Trip'ler for me.  Wow... that beer was incredible.  Honestly, I had never tasted a better beer. I would describe it as full of substance, smooth, not bitter, not sweet, not dull... incredible!  Turns out it is 9.5% too. 

Not sure how long they have been brewing, but they have their beers in a lot of the local bars, they've just never been open to the public.  They have the taps and the bar just about ready for guests now. 
But because they are a brewery, with no limit on production, they are unable to sell beer at their location.  What they will do is sell customers a brewery glass, and that glass will get them several tasters.  There is a way to get around most anything.

Thanks to Smith and Alex for inviting us in and sharing your good beers with us!

Historic Savannah 

Cal was a Crafter with a City license.  He wove beautiful roses out of Palmetto Palms.
Savannah is an old city, and enjoyable to walk around... especially along the old River road. 
But it is not enjoyable trying to drive in, and nearly impossible to park with a big truck.

The photo below is from Fort Pulaski.  It was carved on a brick by G.W. Martus Feb 4 1880.  I decided to look up G.W. Martus.  I found a George W. Martus from Chathum county in the 1880 census. 
Then the above sculpture caught my attention.  It is Florence Martus, known as "the Waving Girl".  She took it upon herself to be the unofficial greeter of all ships that entered and left the Port of Savannah between 1887 and 1931.  Her father was a sergeant at Fort Pulaski.
Just thought it was interesting...
Jeff tripped and fell while attempting a short cut in Savannah on our second visit, and it seemed he must have bruised some ribs.  So because of his painful movement, we stayed longer in the area than we had planned.  From Hardeeville, we had thought we would go to the Brunswick area where we could meet up with Duane & Louise again.  But since we were running late, we decided to go on to Florida.
...That Next!


  1. We had the same thing happen to us at Hardeeville RV Park. We paid and then just enjoyed Savannah.

    Savannah is one of my favorite cities. I read, "Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil" twice. It is a true story and takes place in Savannah. I dragged Paul to all the sites in the book. He actually enjoyed it. I wish I would have known you were going. I would have said to not miss the cemetery. It is awesome.

    I hope Jeff is doing much better today. Bruised ribs are so painful.

  2. Boy, this was like a look into the past. We stayed at Hardeeville RV Park for our Savannah visit, too! Then we went to Tybee Island and toured Savannah. We had a great time in Savannah. This was the first city we did the bus tour. That gave us lots of background. We, then, came back with our bikes and road all around. Yes, parking can be a pain in any city. But with the bikes we can park out in a neighbor and ride in.

    How cool was that to see them filming a movie. I was wondering when I saw the photo of the empty beach umbrellas what was going on. Tybee Island was very quiet the day we were there. We were the only ones walking on the beach.

    Sounds like you had a great visit at the Brewery. Their only guest...lucky you:) Good timing!

  3. We loved Savannah too. We took the bike into town, didn't have a problem parking...jab jab...lol
    Sorry about Jeff, hope he gets healed soon. Wish you could have stopped on your way by.

  4. I consider Savannah my home town. I retired from Customs and Border Protection and worked in the building on Bay Street. It is the building with the many steps and tall columns. It is across from City Hall (one of your pictures). The best time to visit Savannah is in March when all the squares are ablaze with color from the Azalea bushes.

  5. Hope Jeff is feeling better, Omegonn in NY was the same way buy a shot glass at the tasting so you could sample the beers. Love Savannah and the area but have never visited Fort Pulaski, good to know Sponge Bob is real my brother sure would have been upset.

  6. We stayed in the park and there was no one in the office when we arrived either, but they showed up quickly. It was a super deal on Passport America and such great access to Savannah. We sure don't remember Southbound Brewing. Bet it is new.

    But we did really enjoyed Moon River Brewing there. They had a Rosemary IPA and a sweet potato beer. The put the spices for the latter not in the beer but on the rim of the glass.

  7. So where did you end up parking in Savannah? Any tips? since we will be there next week need all the help parking the big truck that we can get. Thanks for the tour, looking forward to checking it all out. See you soon!

  8. Jerry promises me that someday we will get to Savannah. While in the Army, back in 1987, Jerry was stationed at Fort Stewart, which is only 45 minutes west of Savannah. As a 19-year-old, he says he did not appreciate the architecture or the history of Savannah and back then, Southbound Brewery was not even a thought...ha! I will definitely hold him to his promise :)!

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