Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Plans Change!

We've Moved!  We left Mt Hood Village on June 16th, and after a week in Medford at my parents house, we have settled into our camp host site and job at Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon.

This is a Day Use park, so it is very quiet for us at night.  We are in 1 of the 2 host sites next to the District Park Office, which is a house.  Jeff mows and waters the lawns, and it feels a bit like being back at our house. 

The Crooked River Canyon is in our back yard.

If you like to hike or rock climb, this is the place to be! 

We should be here until the end of August. 

Give us a holler if you get over this way!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mt Hood Village Resort - Mt Hood National Forest

We seem to have disappeared from blog land.  And this is not even a post really... just updating our whereabouts.

We began our Summer Workamping job here on May 16th.  We knew that the Portland, Oregon area rains alot more than other areas, but we didnt realize that the Mt Hood National Forest IS a RAIN FOREST!  We're really wanting our Warm Sunshine back!

But here we are for awhile.  We are doing our best dealing with it... mostly by leaving alot!  We've been away for almost half the time that we have been here.  We've made trips to Southern Oregon and to Central Oregon.  At least we are able to get away.

Hope you are all well and finding some Sun!