Friday, June 28, 2013

More National Parks and Monuments!

We just got back from a 3 day trip.  We visited 4 States!  From Utah to Colorado to Arizona to New Mexico, then back to Colorado, then back "home" to Utah.  We visited the Four Corners National Monument, and the surrounding area.


 We stayed at the Ute Mountain Casino Resort, South of Cortez, CO.  Very nice rooms and the price was good.  We like to play, and we hadn't in quite awhile. 
The other thing we wanted to see was Mesa Verde National Park.

All I could say on the drive through the park is "its so green".  We've been seeing so many rocks, this was a pleasant change.

I don't have any really good pictures of the drive because we took the truck this time... so I was looking through a bug splattered windshield!

At Mesa Verde NP you can view discovered Ancients Pueblos built into the rock... "Cliff Dwellings".  We have seen these at several other places in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.

It was another fun get-away for us, and we were happy to be back in our own home.  We don't have much more space than the motel room... but it is our home!

At the time of my last post, we had just visited Dead Horse State Park and Canyonlands National Park... but I hadn't yet posted on it.   The 2 parks are in the same area out of Moab, so it was one trip. 

As usual, the ride was awesome... 

...and the views incredible

Some fun roads... but not for the Harley...
Did I mention... Incredible Views?


I found some shade!
Another day we decided to check out some back roads in the truck.  
It would be more fun in  a RZR or Jeep, but we don't have one. 
So we settled for our 4x4... just had to be more careful... it tows our house!

We found a Creek!

Even tried making it a water park... but that didn't work too well!

That's all for now.  Today is our last day of work for the week, and we have 4 days off again.
What will we do??  It's too hot to do much of anything outside past 10am, but I don't want to spend 4 days locked inside our trailer with the windows all boarded up either.

Actually, we are looking for somewhere else to go.  Haven't found anything yet, but we wont be here much longer.  We need water!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Utah National Parks

Moab Utah is home to 2 of our 400+ National Parks... Canyonlands and Arches. 
We rode through Arches NP a week ago. 
We rode our Harley's through most of this park 2 Summers ago, but it was so hot we couldn't enjoy it.
We can't say that this time was much different.  I just cant seem to handle heat anymore, AND...  Arches is a very popular national park, but we have figured out that its popularity must be with the hikers.  Of which we once were... but regretfully are not so much, right now.
Arches National Park


What do you make of these?  anybody??


Get-Away to Grand Junction, CO

On our days off last week we decided to make an overnight trip somewhere.
We chose Grand Junction, because it was only 110 miles, it included a beautiful ride out the 128 along the river to I-70, and there was another National Park we could visit.
But a big reason for a get-away was to cool off in a Pool!
I found a motel online for a decent price and really good reviews.  It is an older motel, but kept very well with friendly owners, a nice pool, and it had an awesome continental breakfast. 
We enjoyed our time.

After we left the motel in the morning, we stopped at the Harley shop in Grand Junction and met some riders from Ohio, who were headed to Moab for the night and were riding through the Colorado National Monument on their way.  They showed us a route to get to the East entrance of the park, allowing us to ride through the park to the West entrance.  We are SO glad we saw this park.
Colorado National Monument

The two Tunnels were among our favorite parts of the park. 


 The Ride and the Views were Incredible...

Sights like this get Jeff's attention, so when he spotted it as we rounded a corner, we had to stop. 
We met up with the guys from Ohio, again at a viewpoint in the park. 

Then we met up again in Fruita, for a cold beer after the warm ride.

Half way home we stopped at a Rest Area, where we met Debra, a truck driver of 25 years. 
 She solicited Jeff's help... which he was happy to do.

Well... All this happened over a week ago.  I've had a heck of a time getting this posted.  Now I have so much more to "show & tell" I better leave this where it is, and start working on the next post!

Y'all stay safe out there!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Moab Week 2

New Friends
Jim & Sherry moved in next to us the same day we arrived.  We made fast friends, and enjoyed our time together.

The above photos were taken last Sunday before I worked my first shift by myself.
I went to the office and worked while they continued their fun time.  When I arrived back at 9:00, we all continued where we left off... until Midnight!

They flew their kids and grandkids in from Missouri to vacation with them for a few days.  So we had several opportunities to doggy-sit Molly.  She finally started warming up to us.

Since my last post, our next and last Ride was to Colorado, via a beautiful scenic mountain route.

We road to the Ghost Town of Bedrock, Colorado.  Inhabited in 1881 and Established in 1883.
The only thing we saw in town was the still active Post Office.

Work is going well for both of us.  Jeff works a few hours in the morning doing maintenance, then helps me out in the evenings for whatever I or the guests need.

I've enjoyed my work so far.  They had just purchased campground software when we arrived, and I've enjoyed helping them get it up and running.

Our friends left us today... the time had come. They kept extending their reservation, but they have other places they want to see, so they have to leave sometime!

So we had the good-bye group photos, and waved good-bye.
But we plan to see them again soon.  They have extended an invitation for us to park on their 10 acre property in Jackson, Missouri.  I pulled up their property on Google Earth (So Cool) and they showed us around their place.

We look forward to seeing Missouri as well as many other States we have not yet experienced.

Let me leave you with an Electrifying Photo...

Ya think we have some static electricity going on here?
We have been getting shocked touching everything in our RV since getting here... why??