Our Story

We are Jeff and Sheryl Bright, from Grants Pass, Oregon.
We both are widow(er)’s.  Sheryl lost her husband of 15 years in March 2007.  Jeff lost his wife, along with 2 children, in August 1994.

Jeff was the youngest member of the most prevalent biker club in Portland Oregon in the 1970’s.  But in 1975, God called Jeff by name, and he left his life with the club for a life with a different focus.  His love for motorcycles and riding remained, and years later he joined the Sons of God motorcycle club.
Sheryl also had a strong firm belief in God, and a desire to live life for Christ.  As well, she enjoyed riding motorcycles. 

On August 30, 2008 we got together for a motorcycle ride… and that was it.  We knew right away that we belonged together.  We were married January 2, 2009. 

Having learned from our life’s experiences that there is no guarantee of our tomorrow’s, we made the decision to take advantage of our today’s.  So, on February 4, 2010 we resigned from our jobs in pursuit of our dream for a new and different life together. 

Our decision to do this wasn't made until January 1, 2010, when we were on a camping trip to Harris Beach, on the Oregon Coast.  Back at home, we immediately began preparations for our plan.  We sold furniture on Craigslist, had a few yard sales, and gave away truck loads of "stuff".  A few things we kept, and put in a storage unit for 6 months... with the thought that after living in a travel trailer for 6 months, we should know whether this is something we really want to continue doing.  We quickly found renters for our house, and moved into our 28ft travel trailer.

After 6 months of living in our trailer in Oregon, California, Arizona, and New Mexico, we decided this was definitely the life we wanted.  So we went back to Grants Pass, sold the few pieces of furniture and other items that we had put in storage, then we drove to Indiana to pick up the new fifth wheel we had ordered.  Back in Grants Pass with our new fifth wheel, we transferred things from the trailer to the fifth wheel, and quickly sold our pull trailer.

In October 2010, with everything done, we took to the road once again... and here we are living our life on wheels!
One of our goals is to write books telling our stories… the tragedies, the struggles, the lessons, Jeff’s biker days, God’s call, and God’s endless blessings.

We are living our dream life… at home, wherever we are parked, as long as we are together.  We are happier than we have ever been.