Saturday, January 26, 2013

8 Sleeps until Superbowl!

Yep that's right... only 8 more sleeps until them 49ers go to the Superbowl!  Last week I was rooting for the 49ers and the Ravens... and it worked!  Next Sunday I will scream for those 49ers until they WIN!

We have planned a Superbowl Party here at the park, down in the clubhouse.  We went to Costco last night and bought munchies for the Superbowl.  I saw a commercial tonight for the Puppy Bowl which is on before the Superbowl.  I will be sure to watch that as well!

So what does this cactus have to do with the Superbowl... or anything else??
Nothing really.  I just dont have any related pictures to post,  This is Cactus Harry... named this because our friend Harry gave it to us off his property when we visited him last year near Phoenix.
Harry is having a timeout in the corner because he stuck me twice in one day with its clusters of barbed spine!  These prickly pear cactus are not something you want to mess with!

We got a text from RV friends, Steve & Roberta, today... saying they were at a bar in Galveston, and they wished we were there.  Ya... we do too!  This is a photo taken from one of our favorite Happy Hour places when we were in Galveston last February or March.
Steve & Roberta are headed to New Orleans, just as we were when we were there.  But we were a little later in the year and the storms had started so we chickened out and turned around.  We sure hope to make it to Louisiana and Florida... maybe late in 2013.

Well I've worked my 2 days for the week, and I dont have to work for 5 days!  whoo-hoo!
Jeff on the other hand only has one day off, then works one day, then has another day off, then another work day, then another day off!  We will keep with this schedule another 6 weeks... then we are on the road again!

Hope to see some of you down the road!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


At last... some REALLY Warm days!  The weather the past several days has been amazing!

Soaking in the Sun... Motorcycle Rides without bundling, Warm Walks in shorts & tank tops, its all good if its in the Sun!

I recline in the Sun and watch my man work!

This past week the schedule was changed yet again!  Now Jeff will work 4 days each week.  We will both work our 2 days, then Jeff will work 2 extra days, every other day, to assure that the park is well maintained.  It means a few more dollars to apply to future travels, so its all good with us.

We plan to give it until mid-March here, then go to Southern Oregon for a week, before traveling further South and East.  We have several friends to meet up with in Arizona before settling in Utah for the Summer.

We have friends to meet up with in Iowa after we leave Utah... then we may travel together to the New England States in the Fall.  We've talked about the possibility of Wintering out in Florida... perhaps getting a workamping job for the Winter.  Never know what the next year will hold!

We had a dinner get-together at the park Friday night.  Deven, one of the monthly tenants, agreed to make clam chowder for "us" at the request and expense of another monthly tenant, Jim.  But somehow, Jim forgot!  Deven had the meal ready, guests had arrived, but Jim was not here!  So I called Jim and found him to have gone for a drive... he was up in the snow and said he would be back in a couple days.  Hmmm... Okay... well Thank you Deven for all your hours of hard work on a very good home cooked clam chowder, delicious garlic bread and a beautiful salad!  This guy should have been a Chef!  The other guy... well, thank you for your generosity... but maybe we should get you a day planner.
It was an awesome meal and we all had a fun time.

Today we worked, but also made sure to watch the football game.  My throat hurt by afternoon, but way to go Niners!  what a game!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Travel and Oh No's!


Over the mountains and through the Snow...
 to Mom and Dads house we go...
We made it over the Siskiyou pass without incident, but not everyone was so lucky.  As we descended the Summit, there was a truck pulling a Couger fifth wheel that didnt make it.  The truck had gone off the road onto the bank and the trailer was partially tipped over.  I didnt get a picture of it because we were too busy going "Aaahh.... Oohh... Aaahh.."  I was sure the wife was saying "I told you we shouldn't try it today!"  or maybe not... but I think I may have been saying that.  But then, we probably wouldn't have tried it.

We nearly always play games when visiting my parents... and it is usually Skip-bo.  But Skip-bo was nowhere to be found... so we settled for Uno.  To play Uno, you match the number or color of the previous card.  Have you tried playing Uno with someone in their 80's?  ok... maybe thats not fair... it could be anyone with poor eyesight.  Matching the number is no problem... but matching the color is a different story.  Green or Blue??  "does this match?" "does this match?" It made for more laughter... and isnt that what games are for?  to laugh and have fun together... and that we did.

The new header photo is Mt. Shasta... near our current home of Redding, CA.
I took it this afternoon on our way back from our little get-away.  I took it with our NEW Camera.  That's where the first "Oh No" comes in.  We had to buy a new "lesser" camera today, because we broke our "better" camera yesterday. 
We've tried to be so careful with our new camera (bought just 6 months ago).  We carefully passed it from Jeff's hands to mine, but the strap caught his finger, so as he pulled his hand away, the camera was pulled out of my hands and on to the pavement.  It broke!!  "OH NO!!"  How can an RVer do without a camera??                                                    
Not an award winning photo...                              but the last photo taken with our fine camera.

We were visiting the beach, in Brookings, Oregon... an unexpected get-away from our planned get-away.  We had gone to Medford, Oregon to stay a couple days with my parents.  But they had just come back from Brookings, and had left an important bag. (the bag with Skip-bo in it!)  So we offered to drive over and get it. 
 I needed an ocean fix, anyway.  I think they must have had a storm... look at all the driftwood covering the beach.  and the waves were huge for the Oregon coast.

 The drive from Southern Oregon to the Oregon Coast, via California, takes you along the Smith River on a very narrow road.                                                 Its a beautiful drive... but can you imagine pulling a 39 ft fifth wheel trailer through here?  People do it.  We do it!  The condition of the guard rail clearly shows that not everyone makes it without incident.
I would have taken pictures of the Smith River Canyon on the way back, but did I mention...
I didn't have a camera!!!
It didnt take long for me to decide I really had to get another camera.  I couldnt justify spending more than $100 though, since we had so quickly destroyed a more expensive camera.  We were in Oregon, one of only 4 States with no sales tax, so now was the time to get it. 
  We went to Costco, and I bought a Canon for $89 that was normally $149... so it seemed like a good deal.  I charged the battery and tried it out.  It was awful!!  It was slower than slow and the photos were grainy.
  We packaged it up and took it back.  Thankfully they let me return it.  This time I bought another Panasonic, for just $10 more.  I had a Panasonic before, but a more expensive model.  Now we are very happy with our new "lesser" Panasonic.
We came back home today... after a little shopping.  We stopped at Fred Meyer in Medford on our way out, and Jeff tried on some Levis.  We chose to leave the Levi's behind... but we also left something else behind.  It wasnt until we stopped in Yreka, California that we realized Jeff left his wallet in the fitting room!  This is the second "OH NO!"  I located the phone # for the store and called.  Thankfully... they had the wallet safely stored in their safe!  PTL!
Also Thankfully... my mom is there, so she is picking up the wallet and mailing it to us!! 
Thank you MOM!
Winter travel can be very beautiful.  This is the drive home...
I love the Snow!  If it has to be cold... I want Snow!
Now we are back home in Redding.  No snow here.  Infact, it is suppose to be nearing 70 degrees this week!  Riding weather.  We work Tuesday and Wednesday... then its play time in the Sunshine!
Hope our blogger friends are all well, and you are enjoying your Winter wherever it may be.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not where we're at... but where we're going!

It's not YET where we are at...
But it IS...
where we are going!
Our 2013 Summer Gig
Moab, Utah

Saturday, January 5, 2013

It happened AGAIN!

Really???  We were abandoned by the newly hired park managers AGAIN!  They lasted 6 weeks… about the same time the first managers lasted.
So once again we ran the park ourselves 7 days a week… but only for 2 weeks this time.

But we now have new managers again!!  How long will they stay??
We were pleased to see them towing a Harley when they came in… but when would we be able to ride together??

The owners came for 3 days to give us a break and train the new hosts/managers.  So we enjoyed sleeping in and being free to venture out or not!

On New Years Eve Day we met up with RV 06-P1000549Friends, John and Janie, in Chico. Chico is half-way between us.  They are work camping at a park out of Winters.
We first met at Triple-T-RV Resort between Kerrville and Bandera Texas in February 2012.

Our best friendships seem to now be with fellow RVers.

We’ve been actively searching for our next work camping or hosting assignment.  We have found the one we want for the Summer, but don’t have an answer yet.  It is in Moab, Utah.  We visited the area in August 2011 on our Harleys.  Maybe on my next post I can announce that we have a plan!