Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 8 of Road Trip

It was one week ago, this morning, that we left Grants Pass, on the ride. And after one week, we had only ridden about 1340 miles!  That's called Cruisin'!

Our first stop today was "The Arches" at Moab. 

We had driven 30 miles off the interstate to arrive at "The Arches" national park... then once there, we found out that the road through the park to view the arches was 42 miles.  Whew!  Normally, that wouldnt bother me, but today the heat was really getting to me.  It was about 100 degrees and it seemed more humid than usual.  So we shortened the trip.

The park map showed another road that looped back to I-70 out of Moab, so we decided to take it... and we're so glad we did.  It was an awesome ride.... even got a little bit of shade.

The road followed the Colorado River, and there were great tent campsites right beside the river.  That would be a place we would love to tent camp.

Another 32 miles East on I-70, we crossed into COLORADO!

We visited the Welcome Center... mainly to cool off, I think.  We drank water, soaked our doo-rags, and chatted with the couple there, and looked for motels on their internet, while we let our bodies cool down.

From there, we only made it another 52 miles to the city of Delta, where we got a room at the motel that the man at the welcome center had recommended.  We cooled off in the pool, and have been playing on our computers in our room.  But now it is beyond time for bed.


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