Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Stayed Put" in St. George, Utah

We woke this morning ready to spend the day here, rather than hit the road today.  We wanted to visit the Harley Shop here, and get maps and campbooks at AAA, and there is a state park here, Snow Canyon SP, that we wanted to check out in case we may want to camp host there.  Besides all that... we have a swimming pool outside our door!

So we did all of that!

It was a beautiful ride to Snow Canyon SP....

But I cant imagine us fitting our 38 foot RV with 3 slides, and truck and swivelwheel with motorcycle, in this little space.
That is two sites
It was SO hot again today... around 105... so we were eager to get back to our room, where we could jump in the pool again.

... and darken those areas that get missed when we're on the bike.

The plan for tomorrow is to ride through Zion National Park, then meet up with Ginny and Mike again, at a campground around Panguitch, UT.  It wont be a long ride for us, but that will give us time to enjoy Zion National Park, and whatever else we find along the way.

Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to blog again in a couple days.  It's so hard to play "catch-up"... which I still need to do for the last part of July, and some camphost get-togethers.
Heck... I never got our One Year Anniversary of Full-Timing post done!

Hmm... Oh Well.


  1. oh well..enjoy the sunshine!!!..and the pool..
    that was two sites?..boy you must really have to like your neighbour!!!

  2. More important that you are relaxing and having fun, rather than blogging! Can't believe that is TWO sites. Sheesh! Must be only for itty bitty RVs.


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