Saturday, August 13, 2011

What a Ride!

What Beautiful Country we are seeing!  We had no idea of what we would see on our ride through Utah!

Shortly after leaving St. George Utah on Thursday morning, we drove through Zion National Park.  It was beautiful... but honestly, now that we have drove through so much more of Utah's great Rocks, it was no more impressive than all that we drove through (for free!) later on. 

After the ride through Zion National Park, we were ready for a break, and what luck!  there was a lot with vacant RV spaces, and shade... and chairs!

We didnt ride far on Thursday, since we were meeting up with Ginny and Mike again, and they had further to go... so we found an RV park/campground in Red Rock RV Park, out of Panguitch, UT. 

We pulled in and asked about the tents sites... then the next question... "how cold has it been getting here at night?"  The answer?  about 40.  Okay... oooh... how about those cabins over there??
They were only $33 so we took a cabin!

Ginny and Mike rode in about 6pm...

... and after they settled into their cabin, we enjoyed a campfire for the first time on the trip.  Jeff and I had gone into the little town of Panguitch before they came, and splurged on groceries for dinner... hot dogs!!

Friday, after a stop for breakfast at the restaurant nearby...

... we made the spectacular ride on the Scenic 12 byway.  It was Spectacular!!  Just a few minutes up the road, we had to stop to take pictures!  A man offered to take a picture of the four of us.

We chatted a little, and it turns out they (their family of four) are from Israel.  This is their first time in America.  We offered to take their picture of all of them on the bikes, and they went for it!

Now they can show their vacation photos, and tell their friends that they saw America in Style!

We stopped at a museum in Boulder, UT... but I cant tell you much about it because I really wasnt paying attention!!

 We settled in at Green River State Park, in Green River, Utah for the night.

After setting up, we rode into town for a burger and beer at Rays Tavern.  We had been told by the man who took our picture at the museum, that this place was a must!

The place is operated by three brothers...

We asked if there was a liquor store in town, and we were told to go to the truck stop down the road.  The truck stop sent us to the restaurant and gift shop next door.  Here is the liquor store!

A display case of a few choice bottles of liquor, amongst the postcards and magnets and mugs, etc...  Funny... huh?

Saturday - After tearing down camp, packing up the bikes, and before parting ways this morning, we all had breakfast at the truckstop restaurant.

Then we said our good-byes. 
They were going West and North, and we were headed East and South.

Jeff and I had a great day, but only made it to Delta, Colorado for the night.  We got a motel room, where we are able to charge our electronics and get internet.  I will tell about today in the next blog post... which I may still do tonight!

If you would like to view pictures of our entire road trip so far... click here:

Road Trip Summer 2011


  1. Thanks for writing this trip up. I love to hear from other bikers and their travels. I haven't had the chance to ride much since my wife and I started the full time RV life, (I don't have the toy-hauler rig I a dreaming of yet) But I get a few rides in when I can. (This past spring I took my bike down to La Paz, Baja before storing it again at my mom's place in Jacksonville) Right now we're up in Alaska and will be dropping south again for the winter to camp host in Gold Beach till next spring. Keep up the blog, I'm anxious to see where you will end up next.

  2. great photos!..and you sure are getting a lovely tan!!!

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