Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thunder Storm Run

That's what we're calling todays ride.  We debated for an hour this morning about whether to venture out, with the forecast calling for thunderstorms, monsoon rain with flash floods... all the way from Delta (where we were) to Woodland Park (where we were going).  Finally we decided to just go for it.  We would ride town to town, and if we had to stop we would.

It started raining on us just a few miles out, but it didn't last.  We rode on, and at one point we were riding the line with partly clear skies on our left and dark gloomy thunder clouds on our right.  But then the road turned to the right and we were riding right into it. 

We rode faster today than we have any of the other days, just trying to get to the next town before a storm hit us.  That's the way the day went racing from town to town, hoping to make it a little further before we got hit with a storm.  Unbelievably we made it all the way to Woodland Park, and with only a few drops of rain.  The day was actually a great ride, in its own way!

We arrived at Woodland Park around 4:00 I think.  Our friends met us at the bottom of their hill on their bike, and we followed them to their house.  We were shocked at their home... its so beautiful!  And they have wildlife that visits their property regularly.  We met one of the deer (dont remember her name), but we havent seen the foxes, and we should see the bear on garbage day.

putting fresh aloe vera plant on my burnt face

bartender Tim servin up drinks

Deni had fixed a wonderful dinner of lasagne and salad... and invited their best friends

And here is our room downstairs!

We have all sorts of plans for things to say and do while we are here... so we may be here a few days.  They have made us feel SO welcome!  They are awesome friends.


  1. looks like a lovely and very welcoming home!..I would be staying for while if I was you!!
    sorry to hear your face is sunburnt!!

  2. What a beautiful house! They are truly great friends. OH MY...I hope you face doesn't peel!!! Take care and enjoy the ride.

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