Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friends... Thunder Storm.... and Wyoming!

We crossed the border from Colorado into Wyoming this afternoon.

We left our friends place in Woodland Park, Colorado this morning, and hoped to get a rear tire for my bike at the Harley Dealership in Colorado Springs.. but they couldnt get to it until this evening, so we continued up the I-25 in search of a dealership that had time to replace my tire.  We stopped in Loveland, Colorado at Thunder Mountain Harley, and they were able to do it.  We had to wait a couple hours, but it was worth it.

I rode my bike right through the sliding door on the carpet into the service dept!

There was a HOOTERS next door to visit while we waited. 
 (ok... I thought Hooters was a topless bar... really) 

If you were to zoom in on that picture, I was trying to prove that I could work at Hooters. (HaHa)

Yesterday, Tim and Deni took us to Cripple Creek... a historic mining and gambling town.

When we left, a thunder storm had come through, and it was freezing cold!

We made it back to the house, though it wasnt easy.  The rain started again, and we were soaked... not to mention not being able to see because of wet and fogged up lenses. 

Monday night, we (Tim, Deni, Quentin, Debbie, and us two) went out for burgers at a local burger joint.  The band that is normally there for Monday nights, was not there... but it certainly didnt stop us from having a good time.

Back at the house we all played games again... Golf and LRC.

We had such a wonderful time.  Tim and Deni really opened there home to us and treated us as family.  Its so good to have such good friends.


  1. what a great journey you are on!!..thanks so much for sharing!..hooters?..seriously?.. :)

  2. You two really know how to have fun. Had to laugh at the Hooter's picture. Stay happy and enjoy the rest of your journey.

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