Friday, February 3, 2012

No Gracias

Thursday February 2
Sometimes I have no idea what to use for a blog post title, and this is one of those times.  So there you have it... "no gracias".  Having gone over the border 4 times now, making our way through the pushy street vendors to get to and from the dentist office... these have become the only words we need to speak.  I don't like to be rude, and given what I have felt like saying sometimes... the words "no gracias" are very kind.

Today was to be my final appointment, when I get my permanent crowns.  But I was a bad girl and didnt take my antibiotic after my root canal, so I got an infection.  I was nervous about taking this unknown mexican medication, and figured I didnt need it, but I was wrong.  So now I am taking it.  Tomorrow I will go, and hopefully all will be fine.

I wasn't the only one to see the dentist.  Jeff had a split tooth, and after examination, the dentist determined that it could not be saved... it had to be extracted.  Roberta knew that she needed a crown, but when told that she first needed a root canal, she backed out.  I had never had a root canal before, but having finally come up with the nerve to see a dentist over the border, I was determined to get the work done, and if that meant a root canal before I could get the crown on that tooth... I would do it.  So I did it, and it really wasn't that bad.

Friday February 3
For whatever reason... distractions to do other things I suppose... I didn't finish this post, so I will try aain.  I still have pain in my gum and jaw so I dread going to the dentist and having him pushing on it... but we are going.  I want to get it done, so we can move on from here.


The other day we hiked back in this area where we are, climbed up and over a couple hills and came upon a Pet Cemetery.  Its actually straight down the road from where we are parked, but we found it the back way.

I'm sure it started by one person burying their pet who died while they were here, but I had to wonder... people don't stay here a long time... so all these pets just happened to die while their owners were camped here?


I don't have a lot more to say!  We have enjoyed our stay here.  It's been fun sharing a site with friends, and we will most likely relocate together.  However, they have to be back in Oregon in March, so we will part ways soon.

The next blog post will most likely be from our new location.... WHEREVER that may be.

Until Then...


  1. good luck at the dentist!..hope the antibiotics did the trick!

  2. I have to take antibiotics BEFORE I go to the dentist and sometimes I forget to do so. Hope your after-the-fact antibiotics do the trick for you. We'll follow along to see where you head next. (I'm with you--I'm uncomfortable with the Mexican hawkers.)

  3. I just had a root canal yesterday. Never felt a thing. My dentist injects the tooth constantly with antibiotics while he works. I didn't have any infection so I am not taking anything.
    I like the title of the blog. I think it is exactly how we feel when we go over there. ~wheresweaver

  4. Hope by now the work is all done and your tooth/jaw is feeling better. Nothing like a sore mouth to make you feel sick all over. Please be real careful and take your antibiotics. Dental infections can become serious.

  5. Hi, Sheryl,

    I just found you over on RVSue's blog! You are so lucky to live in one of my favorite states. I was there in 2010 with my pup, Jack, and we had a wonderful time.

    I think my husband, the pups and I passed through Grants Pass in 1999.

    I'll have a lot to catch up on, but just from this post and the comments, I hope you are feeling much better when you read this. Been there/done that with dental work in my life.

    Nice to "meet" you.

  6. Hi Guys, I, too, found you on RVSue's Blog. FWIW, I was pretty confused by her latest entry. Just a few days ago, she fairly chastised another RV blogger for NOT stopping by to say hi....Anyway, thought you might like to know that in your pictures from the Pet Cemetery, the little white Westie (bottom left) belonged to Diane Tolerico, who has RV blogged for many years--Life On The Open Road. Small world, right? :)

  7. Yes, that is my Molly in the bottom left! She died when I was in Yuma, and I remembered this beautiful pet cemetery.

  8. WOW Cheryl...I am so proud of yu for being that brave to conquer Mexico dentist experience. I know it must of been scary for you both the experience as well as anticipated pain of root canal. I am sure they sent you to the same guy, Rochin? that did mine in April and did 2 root canals for Ed a month? ago. Not fun but necessary! Sorry to hear you got infection...we get the antibiotic while there and take it 2 days before we head to the dentist to be they can't stall us a day or 2 while we take the meds!! Ed came with abcess so they put him on more meds prior to root canal. You had Dentist Carlos...who is the one that Donna and Don have...we had Dr. Bernal. They are both good and Carlos has better english! I got a kick out of the great they bring great memories back for us. We also are ready to celebrate when we once again complete our dentist appts and are on our way out. We have never got sick there and from the food and have never felt in danger....but then we never are separated from each other down there in 2's!! LOL So glad it was a good experience for you both and you gotter' done!! Yeah!!
    Love ya both:
    Kathy and Ed

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