Tuesday, February 7, 2012

En Route... Arizona to New Mexico

At last post, my final dentist appointment in Los Algodones was just a couple hours away.

My final appointment went fine... my permanent crowns were set in place, and I was done!  Once back across the border, it hit me... I was finished!  I felt a wonderful sense of freedom and accomplishment!  I wanted to celebrate!

Photos above are of my final dentist appointment.  As we were waiting for some touch-up work on my crowns, Dr Carlos proudly showed us photos of his beautiful family. 

We feel good about our decision to go into Mexico for the dentist.  Our dentist was competent and all the staff was very friendly...   and we had the work done for a lot less than it would cost us in the States.

We left Saturday morning from our site on the CA/AZ/MX border.  Although Steve and Roberta got away before we did.  Once hooked up, Jeff noticed our rear truck tire was low... so we unhooked and took the truck into Yuma to get the tire fixed.  The culprit was a nail.

The kid that did the fix was a bit slow, but he got the job done and only charged us $12... so we threw in an $8 tip.  $20 seemed fair.  If Les Schwab was around here it would have been free... but they seem to only be in the Pacific NW. 

We hit the road a couple hours after our friends, but met up with them in Gila Bend at Holts Shell RV Park, a Passport America park, so we paid only $12 +tax.  We stayed hooked up, and thought we would stay only one night and continue on to Tucson where we could get the Superbowl on antenna.  But Steve and Roberta were staying 2 nights, so we stayed... we have too much fun together to part ways yet.

We watched the Superbowl at their place streamed from the internet courtesy of NBC.com.  But the connection was not good... and it did more buffering than playing.  We were lost the entire game.  It wasnt a very exciting Superbowl for us... but since none of us cared who won anyway, it didnt matter.  We enjoyed our time together.

After the game, we played our own games... which were alot more fun.  We finished our game of Phase 10 that we had started the night before, then moved onto a game of Skipbo.

I made the mistake of leaving our camera at their place when we went home.  Steve showed up at our door with the camera a few minutes later... but not without first having some fun with it (we later discovered when we downloaded the photos).

Thanks for all the fun times Steve and Roberta!

We all left Gila Bend Monday around Noon.  Like us... they are not early risers.  We said our good-bye's... they left for Organ Pipe Cactus National Park, which is South from Ajo.  We got on the I-8 and headed for Tucson. 

Not far down the road, Jeff posed the question "if we are staying hooked up for the night, why are we stopping at Tucson?"  The plan was to stay for free at a Casino parking lot where we had stayed before.  But he was right... why?  So new plan again.  We found another Passport America park in Benson, AZ... so we set out for there for the night.  It was just 167 miles.

It was a nice park, especially for $15.  With our RV Park receipt, the Denny's Restaurant (across the street) offered a  10% discount, so we took them up on that!  We very rarely go out to eat... so its a real treat when we do.

The park has Cable TV that we conveniently hooked up to, but we opted for movie night, after dinner.  We watched "Father of the Bride" Part 1 AND 2.  Steve Martin is so hilarious... such a good actor.

After a good sleep, we got up and rolled onto I-10 East with a destination of Las Cruces, NM.

Right now, we are about an hour out of Las Cruces, and have been unable to connect to the RV park we hope to stay at... so we will see if we get a spot.



  1. Glad your dentist ordeal is over. I just had a root canal last week and now go for a crown. It is always something.

  2. You guy are just having too much fun. Love all the silly pictures. Drive careful now and keep having fun.

  3. I like your dog, she looks like a feisty one! Love you guys, Kyla

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