Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sticky Hot!

It must be humid down here, even if February, cause it sure was a sticky hot today... and it wasn't really that hot, just 76 degrees I think.

We enjoyed our day at home today

We did some cleaning, Jeff wrote his brother a letter, the old fashion way, with pen and paper... and we will put it in the mail the old fashion way, with envelope and stamp.

Before the cleaning and the letter writing, we went for a walk along the river and around the RV park.  That's when we realized it was Sticky Hot! 

After the cleaning and letter writing, we just enjoyed the peacefulness of our surroundings, and listened to the many different birds chirping.  I wouldnt call it all "chirping"...
they make some very interesting and unusual sounds.

One of the many birds at the feeder this morning as I drank my coffee.
We usually wake to a Woodpecker outside our window, as well as all the other bird chatting going on.

At last post, we had postponed our visit to Gruene for the Gruene Market Days,
which occurs only one weekend a month for part of the year.
This was the first weekend of the year, and since Saturday was rainy,
EVERYONE must have thought this was the thing to do on Sunday!

I clicked these pictures as we were LEAVING!!
There was no parking to be found...
and we just aren't into crowds.
So much for Market Days... but its not like we would have bought anything anyway.

So what do we do now?
We're always up for a visit to another Harley dealership,
and I had already mapped one out!

I left with my usual purchase... a dealership Shot Glass
I'm gettting quite a collection... but it can also be expensive, so for the remainder of this trip I have agreed to one shot glass per State... so that's one from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, S.Carolina, Tennessee, and so on! 

We still had most of the afternoon, and we hadn't had lunch,
so we called Alan and Phyllis to see if they wanted to meet for lunch.
We met half way between Blanco and San Marcos, near Wimberly... at Brewster's.

We drove out to Gruene again.  This day it wasn't so busy, and finding a parking space was easy.

We looked through their shops at all the things we didn't need...
then had lunch at a place recommended to us, but a huge disappointment.

We were happy to get home, and happy to be home all day today.
We are quite the home bodies... at home in our wheel house wherever it is.

Thanks for checking in!
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  1. Those are some nice looking beers. For great BBQ go over to Smitty's in Lockhart. You won't be sorry. Enjoy your day!

  2. We are quite the home bodies also thats not all bad. Have fun!!

  3. Looks like another brewpub to check out! I know there is a brewery in Blanco too, we've had a few of their beers and really liked them. I like the look of the park you are in. Looks like it has more of a campground feel than an RV resort.

  4. Nice to see your enjoying yourselves, enjoyed the pictures, sure a beautiful river shot. Sometimes it's nice just hanging out home. Have a great week!

  5. have a great week!..writing a letter the old fashioned way?..good for you!..how great to put a pen to paper rather than typing away on a computer!!

  6. We will have to compare shot glass collections when you get back! I used to get one at every airport I had to go through when I was working. Just got a couple display cabinets for them, so I can get them out of Donna's curio cabinet and make room in there for more interesting things. That's my next hobby project...putting the shot glasses into the displays. Doesn't sound too hard...but I just haven't been able to get started on that yet. Gonna have to dust off the display boxes one of these days, since they're gathering a lot of dust sitting there on the floor in the corner! Enjoy your journey, and thanks again for sharing. Hope to see you guys when you get back!

  7. We are almost back home in Canada..staying in Oregon at the Seven Feathers RVPark today! Just checking in ...thinking about you ! Happy Travels! Karin & Ziggy

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