Friday, February 10, 2012

There Goes Another Hour!

Thursday - February 9

Just crossed over into Texas... and lost an hour.  11:40 MT to 12:40 CT.

There is MEXICO... Wow... That is Close!
...just a tall fence dividing the countries.

Friday  February 10 - 8:30pm CT

Yesterday-- Once we were through El Paso... the drive was uneventful, unstressful and unexciting.  180 miles of nothing.  I have my computer to play with... but I think Jeff was quite bored with the drive.

We pulled off so I could make us a sandwich, but thats about it.

We arrived late afternoon, at our destination for the day... Saddlemountain RV Park... another Passport America park.  For $10 it was really great!

We woke in the night to the sound of rain on the roof.   Aahh... I love it.  It didn't rain hard but it rained for quite awhile.  No rain today... but the forecast hints that we may be driving in the direction of wetter and cooler weather.  Hmmm.
We left there this morning around Noon.  With the day's destination being only 160 miles away... we weren't in any hurry.  Our first Texas stop where we will unhook and see the surrounding areas is Kerrville, which was 330 miles... more than we like to do in a day, so we found a spot for the night half way. 
We are out of Ozona off the I-10 at Circle Bar RV.  It costs way too much!  but there is no competition around, so I suppose that's why they get away with it.  The site is long enough that we can stay hooked up, and it is quiet, so it's good with us.
Now... back to where we left off at the last post...
Back at Tuesday's post, we were nearing Las Cruces where we hoped to stay at a Passport America park, Coachlight RV & Motel.  We never could get ahold of them by phone, but they did have a space available for us for the 2 nights.
We spent Wednesday afternoon walking around historical De Mesilla... but we had already been there and done that... We are SO ready for new experiences!

Before De Mesilla, we stopped at an RV dealership to see if they had a part we were looking for.  They didn't... but they had a friendly gal that was more than happy to show us a newer model Big Country.  Really... we only needed to show her a thing on the 5er so she could see what kind of thing we needed. 
That done... we were curious to see the inside of newer and different models of RV's... and she was happy to oblige!  We toured fifth wheels and motor homes, and had a great time.  BUT... we found nothing that made us go "Ooh wow I want this one!"
We are very happy and content with OUR Wheel House.  And THIS Wheel House is a movin'... in search of new experiences!
Next stop Kerrville... from where we will visit Fredericksburg and Bandera.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sounds like you're having a fun trip so far! You're right about the weather reports. Sure looks like that rain was needed there! Enjoy your journey, thanks for sharing.

  2. There's nothing like looking at new RVs to make you appreciate what you have! :)

  3. glad you are content with the one you have!..nothing worse than wanting something better and can't find it! travels as you continue on to your next stop!!

  4. Yes, we were at Saddleback Mt RV Park Thursday! We were just a couple of sites down to your left. In fact, we even watched you pull in.

    Sorry we missed you, hopefully we'll catch up with you down the road.

    Safe Travels and thanks for following our adventures. :c)

  5. We are over in site 32! Hope the weather clears up and we'll have to meet and get together!

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