Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here we are in SE Texas, on our way to Louisiana... in prime Tornado season. 
What were we thinking??
We did research, but we must have missed something.

There are Severe Weather Warnings all around us... where we are and where we are going.  Threats of FLOODING... SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS... ONE INCH HAIL... TORNADO!!

Here is some of what we have been reading...
2011 was a particularly stormy year with 16 tornadoes in January.  THIS January had 95! 
SO... We have a dilemna. 
Do we take our chances and continue on?  Or do we turn back? 
If we turn back...
We could go back to Arizona and enjoy the beautiful warm Sun. 
We could spend some time in Lake Havasu, which was on the original trip plan,
 but bypassed for the dentist over the border.
We can try the East Coast trip again this Fall.
If we continue on...
Hopefully we would make it to Florida,
after seeing Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama with no disasters!
But would we enjoy it so much...
 if we were stressing and watching the weather forecast ten times a day??

so There is our dilemna.
We have until Thursday morning to decide... East or West??

But for the Here & Now...
We moved from San Marcos, TX to Dickinson, TX last Thursday.  It was a Valium day for me.  I get anxiety on travel days like this one.  This 200 mile drive was not one of those Interstate straight shot traveling days.  There were 10 turns we needed to make onto various Highways and Roads, to get from our park in San Marcos to our park in Dickinson.  I'm not the driver, but I am the navigator, so I had to be on my toes!  It was constant watching of road signs and following the map to be sure we didnt miss our turn.
Signs like this, STRESS me out!!
We have a second to react... 
how high are we??  do we fit through this??

We have measured... but I want to measure again. 
 I think we are 13' 2" but what if there is a bump in the road??
We made it through various underpasses and found all our roads,
 and we were happy with our new park and site.

And we have enjoyed our time here!
We have visited the Kemah boardwalk...

It was Windy, and there was hardly anyone there.

We have really enjoyed our visits to Galveston Island.

Historic Buildings

Hmm... that must be it for now.  I cant seem to upload photos now..
so I am posting this tonight and will continue tomorrow.

We welcome your opinions on our dilemna.


  1. Yes, you have a bit of a delema for sure. I am not a fan of driving our motorhome in the big winds, let alone a tornado! We have crossed that area quite a few times now, but we have always had great weather! Good luck on your decision! We are heading over to Lake Havasu mid march to meet friends there... it is a great spot also!

  2. sounds like you have quite the dilemma!..good luck with your decision!..I vote for going west!!..that is if you asked us to vote?

  3. Its awful hard to beat the West, Arizona this time of year is among the nicest places on earth . Combine that with the neighboring states , and you will have plenty to see and do without the threat of anything but Sunshine. I am sure the Southeast is nice, but the advantage of a mobile lifestyle is being able to avoid these types of obstacles . I am sure you will decide what is right for you too, either way it will be an adventure. Good luck..Scott

  4. Go for it!!! Chances are.... things will be fine. Right. Good to see someone else hyperventilates when going from point A to B and all the pesky overpasses and turns :) Take Care, HAVE FUN!!

  5. Boy, of boy, do you ever have the weird weather! I'm kinda glad that we went down to Desert Hot Springs when we did and came back home. It's been a fairly good winter for us here in Eugene so far. A little cold, a lot grey, a lot wet, but not all that bad compared to other places we've seen people blogging about. You guys take care and stay away from those tornadoes, you hear?!!!

  6. Keep on going just be sure to have your weather ban radio on. Hind sight says you should you have waited a bit to head East, but let deal with reality. Just be careful and see all you can along the road to FL. Be safe! Don't take chances, and I would have been just as scared as you were about that bridge! ~wheresweaver

  7. No matter where you go sometimes mother nature has other ideas. Galveston is lots of fun. No matter where you go, its what you make of it. Take care.

  8. The weather is one thing you can not control. The south and east are known for storms in the spring. We lived in Ohio for most of our lives and never really worried about it. Don't worry about what you can not control. Go where and when you want, it's part of the adventure.

  9. We appreciate where you're coming from. Last May we started making our way east from New Mexico. Can't tell you how many threats of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes we went through. There were several times we almost abandoned our plans and headed back west, especially after being only 100 miles south of Joplin, MO when they got hit by that horrible tornado. And all the bad storms came during the night, which made it even worse. Tough decision, but we won't go back east in the spring again!

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