Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kerrville, Texas and Day Trips

Day 5 at Triple T RV Resort... its a bit humid outside this morning.  Forecast was Thunder Storm, but we haven't seen it!
We were to leave this morning, but the dishes are dirty... the clothes are dirty... and we're not ready to leave yet!  So we are staying one more night, and staying "home" today to get our chores done.

Our other days here have taken us to visit the surrounding towns...

Fredericksburg, Texas
an Old German town... 

We strolled the historic Main Street, meandering in and out of shops, but buying nothing.
Jeff did some sample tasting of various Salsa's at Rustlin' Robs, in search of something really HOT... but he never found one HOT enough for him.

Then we were ready for some lunch... and Jeff can't pass up a brewery. 
He enjoyed an IPA... his favorite beer, and this one was no disappointment. 
I ordered a small Spinach Artichoke pizza, which was VERY good.

Next Stop...
Luckenbach, Texas
made famous by Waylon and Willie

There's really no town... just the general store... still standing since 1849.
Now the store sells mostly souveniers, but in the back is a bar... a kick back place, where one can kick back, enjoy a cold beer, and take in the kicked back pickers.
Every day there is some pickin' goin on.
Get the idea?  It's a kicked back hideaway.

Yesterday's day trip took us  to  through Bandera, to
San Antonio, Texas
We spent 6 weeks in San Antonio, just a year ago, so we didnt plan to spend a lot of time,
 but it made for a nice drive taking the back road through Bandera into the city.

We decided we would spend the afternoon, at the RiverWalk.

There are alot of choices for lunch along the Riverwalk, but we made the RIGHT choice!
We ate at The Texas Republic... and both had the BEST Chicken Enchiladas we have EVER had!

It was another great day!

Back at "home"...Triple T Resort

We have enjoyed playing Pool and Ping-Pong in the evenings.

I did surprisingly well playing Pool at Oasis Park...
but here, not so surprisingly... bad!  Jeff has won every game.

Ping-Pong was great fun... and as pathetic it may sound...we found it to be a great workout!
Jeff's injuries have kept us from being as active as we had been.
(at least that's the excuse I choose to use)

While here, we have enjoyed meeting fellow RV bloggers, John and Janie, of Flamingo on a stick
We all started our full-time RVing about the same time,
so we shared our travel experiences... until it was too cold to sit outside any longer.
Thanks for stopping by.. Janie and John.  It was truly a pleasure!

That's all for now... Gotsta get laundry and stuff done.

San Marcos, Texas
From where we will also visit New Braunfels, Gruene, Austin.

oh ya... Valentines Day...
 Isn't my husband sweet?
He brought this to me in bed with my coffee.


  1. That valentine is too cute! We have a couple weeks left here and still need to do a couple of the things you did in your short time here. We will be checking out the restaurant on the river walk as I love chicken enchiladas.

  2. You do have a sweet husband for sure. Mine also surprised me by buying candy for me. This is the first time in 29 years he has ever done that...I am waiting for him to confuse something he did. We love the entire hill country area. Glad you are having a wonderful time. ~wheresweaver

  3. What a sweet valentine. You guys look like you are having so much fun.

  4. Glad to see you both having fun. Neat looking area you are visiting in. A little pool playing is always fun. Nice Valentine from Jeff. Wishing you both safe travels.

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