Saturday, February 18, 2012

San Marcos, Texas

Here we are... sitting in the rain... in Texas
Where did the Sun go?

We moved from Kerrville to San Marcos on Thursday.
We are staying at Pecan Park.

Another good choice...
It's so hard to blindly choose a place to stay in this RV life.  That's why I enjoy reading blogs of fellow RVers to see and hear firsthand what a place is REALLY like.
Otherwise, its sorta like Forest Gump's Momma's words...
RV Parks are like a box of chocolates...
                          you never know what yer gonna get!

This place is tucked away so it is quiet, and there is space enough between sites.
It is free of highway noise, yet we are less than 3 miles from shopping
(even good ole Walmart Superstore)

Yesterday, we met with RV friends, Alan and Phyllis.  We met at Sugarite Canyon, NM 2 years ago, then met up again in San Antonio, then by coincidence met up in Custer, SD... and now again here!

When we left the restaurant, it was pouring outside...
so we rented a movie and went home to cuddle up and listen to the rain on the roof.

During the night, we had a horrendous downpour with blasting thunder and lightning!
It seemed to go on all night!
I like rain on the roof of the wheel house... but this was TOO much!

Today, we were going to Gruene for Market Days, but there was more rain with wind in the forecast...
So we opted for postponing Gruene Market Days until tomorrow,
and replacing it with a visit to the huge Outlet Malls here in San Marcos.

We weren't like the throngs of shoppers at the Outlet Malls.
We were just there to stroll the sidewalks.  Actually... the two outlet malls are so huge,
we got a good walk in, passing by stores and shoppers.

I watch shoppers come out with their arms loaded with bags full of their purchases from stores like Prada and Nieman Marcus, and I think...
This is SO not us!
We don't want stuff!

Anytime I am in a store, I remember all the STUFF we got rid of.
I NEVER wanted to be loaded down with STUFF again.

After 3 hours walking the sidewalks of the two outlet malls,  we left very happy,
 with a zippered hoodie sweatshirt for $7 and a calendar for $1
not bad, eh?

The night before we left Triple-T RV Resort
We got together with John and Janie.
We had a great time playing games together.

Its great making new friends all over the States.

Maybe someday somewhere we will meet YOU!


  1. Looks like a great RV site. We are with you with the rain. What is going on in TX? First they go months with nothing and now this. The locals down here are very happy with us...we nonlocals not so much. Enjoy your stay. ~wheresweaver

  2. Been enjoying your blog. So agree with you about stuff. Don't need it or want it anymore.
    We are doing the Mexican dental thing in Nuevo Progreso so was interested in your story about Algodones. Glad everything went well.

  3. I can relate to "stuff". Seems like every time I go through and eliminate "stuff", "stuff" seems to creap back in. I need to quit getting new Safe travels

  4. We had that rain too. Didn't start until Thursday night but boy did it rain then and pretty much all day Friday and on and off Saturday. Today the sun is shinning again finally. Looks like a nice place to stay. Have fun doing some more exploring!

  5. stuff and more stuff!..oh to be free of all the stuff!!

  6. Those thunderstorms in the MidWest, even in Florida were crazy!!! I mean we have thunder and lightning here on the high Desert, BUT they don't go on for hours and hours, the intensity is to be marveled at!!

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