Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bottomless Lakes SP - Roswell, NM

There were way too many flies at Oasis state park.  So we drove the long 100 miles to Bottomless Lakes SP, out of Roswell, NM.  We still have flies, but not nearly as many... maybe we even brought them... I wouldn't doubt they hitchhiked the ride.

We like this place.  We paid for one week, but we will hopefully stay longer.  This is our site:

Lea Lake is right here... a few yards from the campground.  It is 90 feet deep, but not a real large lake.  It is suppose to be stocked with rainbow trout during the winter, but it hasnt been stocked yet.

It is suppose to be 80 this weekend, so we hope to take our tahitis out on the small lake.  It depends on how many day visitors are here over the weekend.

We went for a walk at Oasis park before leaving, and passed by a snake that Jeff was sure was dead.  To prove to me that it was dead, he poked it with his stick....

I TOLD him it wasn't dead!!

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