Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweatin' it...

Still in San Antonio... although, we have considered running!  Our lot still is not ready for our trees... we don't have electricity and our fence isn't in, so we cant set up.  We can't sleep, and we are overwhelmed.
Oh ya... and they got a call today that there is a storm front in Oregon, and the next loads of trees will be late. 
Oh well... what will be will be... and we WILL survive it.

We are trying to get ourselves in the Christmas mood, by watching Christmas movies tonight.  Once the trees arrive, we will not have any time to watch Christmas movies or do anything else.  Tonight it's the Christmas Story (the Scrooge) 1930's version.

I will get away tomorrow to do our laundry, and get a few other things before we are so busy we can't.

Today, Jeff went to some training at the warehouse and I stayed here to go through my materials and prepare.  He was gone longer than we expected, and the generator is in the back of the truck, so I had no electricity.  I used up the battery on both laptops, and we ran out of propane, so the refrigerator lost power too! 

The days have been warm, and the nights havent been getting very cool.  Tonight the low is 66 degrees.  Hopefully the electricity will be hooked up tomorrow, so we will have air conditioning, or the fan for night.

Better focus on this good movie.


  1. Oh my. We are so sorry that you two are having such a terrible experience. We hope things start getting better REAL SOON!

    Just wanted to share a thought about the heater. We have an awesome propane heater that uses next to nothing of propane. Check out our info on our site...

    Stay warm and safe!

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