Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gettin' There...

Still no Trees, but we have a fence and we have electricity!  We got fenced in on Monday, and got the electricity yesterday.  The first thing we did was turn on both air conditioners!  (and it was evening before we were hooked up!) 
It has been so hot and humid here.  Its been in the 80's during the day, and the low at night has been 69!  I love the sunshine and warm temperatures, but the humidity the last few days has been crazy!  We are sticky wet all day.
Our tent is ready to go... EXCEPT we have nothing to sell.  At 5:00 this evening, we were given the choice of getting a load of trees this evening, or starting early Friday morning.  Although we had expected to get trees today, we were exhausted.  There was no way we had it in us to get 65 big trees set up.  So we called our help and arranged to have our crew AND the trees here at 8:00 Friday morning.  We will open at 11:00, and will have some trees set up before opening, but will work through the day, setting up our first load of trees.  We only have Noble and a few Nordmann right now... the trucks of Grand and Douglas should be in Friday.
We have a large crew hired... but we will wait to see how they work, before we schedule them.  They all need work, but we may need to separate those who really want to work from those who just want to collect a paycheck. 
Here's a few pics. 


  1. I am sure you two never thought this would be such a BIG job! The tent does look very impressive! We hope all goes well on Friday morning. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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