Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here we are... San Antonio!

We got in at a decent time, and a temperature of 85... very nice.  We only missed one turn!  They had us meet them at the warehouse, where we looked around and chatted, until we had an escort to our lot.  The owners are very friendly people, and we're looking forward to meeting all the other lot manager couples.

Our lot wasnt ready for us as we had expected, but that's okay!  Jeff and another guy ran pvc pipe around the lot so we do have water now, and hopefully the electrician will get us electricity tomorrow or Friday.  For now we are using our awesome Honda generator.  We just have to remember we are using a generator and it does run out of fuel. 

Our sales tent doesnt have its sides on it yet... not sure why... and we still have to  build our cashiers booth.  they have all the pieces and parts (like a kit).  We just have to assemble it!  They said another lot couple will come help us.  They couldnt put the fence up until we were in, and that is suppose to happen Saturday or Monday.   Once the cyclone fence is up, which surrounds the tent and our RV site, we will move back another 15 feet or so.  We just dont want to get slammed, while we are out in the open.

They gave us our bins of supplies and paperwork, and I have been going over it this evening, and I AM OVERWHELMED!  What have we got ourselves into??  We can do this... We can do this...

this is the warehouse where the trees will be delivered (from Oregon)

already loaded us up with supplies

parked beside our tent... for now.

The Road Traveled...
I-10 East, Texas. So much of the road has been cut out of the rock.

I-10 East, dont know the name of this mountain, but if its not squaw mountain, it should be tit peak.

RV Park - Ozono, TX

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