Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well... Did you all vote??

We are closely watching the election results.

We moved today... from Sumner Lake to Oasis State Park.  So far, we arent so sure why they call it an oasis.  There are about a million flys... and that is not an exageration.  I've never seen anything like it. 
We were just happy to go shopping.  We were out of just about everything.  Portales has a Walmart superstore, and its only 6 miles away... yeah!

There is a small lake, or large pond, for fishing, but everyone here is saying there is no fish right now.  Jeff  will probably give it a try.  We had planned to stay a couple weeks here, but if the flys are always like they were this afternoon, we will move on very soon.

It suppose to get down to 30 tomorrow night, so we bought some RV antifreeze and hose insulation.  The temperatures here, all over New Mexico, can drop really low at night, even with the days around 70.  It's the sunshine we are here for, and it looks like we should have that. 

We've been watching the workkamping jobs as they are posted daily, so who knows... maybe we will see something that interests us and go somewhere else.  We've been accepted for 2 different camp jobs this summer, but havent given either an answer yet.  We applied to a campground in Oregon for a couple months this Summer, and will wait to see what they say.

Be sure to check our blog tomorrow...  I will send a picture of the flys!!

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