Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Laundry Day!

I didn't know what to use for a title since we're still in the same place... but laundry is on my mind, so there it is.  We're going into Roswell today to do laundry (it's been over 2 weeks), get a few groceries, and check out the downtown area. 

We drove into the little town of Dexter yesterday after our 8 mile bicycle ride around the lakes... much of it uphill.  I would tell you it was all uphill, but I'm not sure you would buy that.  Our lungs were burning.  Hopefully, soon... an 8 mile hilly ride will be no big deal.  But at this point we were real proud of ourselves... no motors on these bikes!  Not much in Dexter, but they had a post office so we could mail our property tax payment.

Monday was a really warm day, upper 80's, so we took the tahiti's out on the lake and paddled around.

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