Thursday, November 18, 2010


We're exhausted... and we didnt do anything compared to what we will be doing.  Maybe it was the stress of something unknown and new.   I trained with Terri today at the office, while Jeff trained and worked with Brian at one of the lots.  There are 14 lots, 8 are within San Antonio, and the other 6 are in other areas... one in Corpus Christi.
We have met only a few of the people, but we plan to make our rounds to the lots in San Antonio tomorrow, to meet the other manager couples, and see if they need any help.  It will help us to know what we are doing when its time to set up our lot.
This is a huge and professional operation... its not like the Christmas Tree lot's I am used to.
We even have to flock trees if they want a flocked tree!  I don't know how to flock a tree!!  I guess we had better figure it out!
At least I don't think we will have any trouble finding help.  We had 2 people come by our trailer today and ask if we were hiring.  How did they even know we were a Christmas tree lot??  We gave them an application, which they both filled out while they were here.  We called the first person, and hired her.   We are most likely going to hire the second person too, but only Sheryl was here, so Jeff needs to meet him.  We're so impressed with their initiative to find work.  We just dont know how much help we will need... this is a new lot, so we have no history to look back on.

We have a mailing address while we are here... I have posted it under the "contact us" tab on our home page.  So now you can send us a Christmas Card!!

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