Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fort Lincoln SP, ND

3 Years ago Today...
...was our first night on the road in our new Big Country fifth wheel!  We pulled out (a bit nervous) from the Heartland Service Dept in Elkhart, IN and spent our first night in Milwaukee, WI at the Fairgrounds.  What a kick-off that was, backed up to a roaring roller coaster! (and for $65!)  We visited the Harley factory and museum.  Our Big Country has been very good to us for living in it for 3 years... only a few very minor things we've had to fix or replace.
But back to present day...  Fort Abraham Lincoln SP
We had such a wonderful stay at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park in Mandan/Bismarck, ND.  It's a very beautiful well-kept park with lots of history and on the Missouri River. 
So what did we do?
We rode our bicycles all over their trails and paths, and visited the historical areas on site....

Fort Abraham Lincoln was once an important infantry and cavalry post. It was from this fort that Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and the Seventh cavalry rode out on their ill-fated expedition against the Sioux at the Little Big Horn. Portions of the military post, including the Custer House, have been reconstructed.                  
 Custer's House
Old Fort Lincoln
Remains of many Officer's Quarters
That's as far as I got, getting on the horse.  Fortunately, it was a real patient horse.

Slant Indian Village
Earth lodges occupied by the Mandan Indian tribe from 1670 - 1750
The museum contained artifacts from the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the Mandan Indian Tribe,
and the Civilian Conservation Corps.

After a lot of bicycle riding and site seeing, we went into Mandan and Bismarck.
They had a Harley dealership, so had to go there...
They had a brewery, so had to go there.
Laughing Sun Brewing Co. was a small brewing establishment that offered some great brews,
and friendly people, but the only food they offered was pretzels.
Next door was a shop that looked as if it would have our incense... which it did.  But when I turned around... I guess after all those years riding hogs, Jeff finally turned into one!
 So THIS is where we can get that pig mask we've always wanted!
We returned to the park in time to put our Kayaks in to the Missouri River!

After the bicycling and the Kayaking... I can say I don't miss having the Harley with us at all.
My wrists and arms sure are sore though!

I have so much more to Show & Tell of our travels and stops today... but it will have to wait for tomorrows post!

We have settled into Buffalo River SP in Minnesota for the night.  The price was quite high for a State Park we thought... and we really thought that when we got parked and found out it was Electric only... No Water!  If they had told us, we certainly would have put water in the tanks on our way in.
So Lesson Learned... Don't Assume... Always Ask if the site has water hookup!

 We had another great day... so more to come tomorrow!


  1. congrats on your third year anniversary! may you have many more safe travel miles!!!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary, looks like you had a great day.

  3. Happy anniversary!

    Your site in ND was huge. Love the idea of all the trails.

    We would really enjoy Fort Abraham Lincoln. I love anything historical.

    I didn't realize those Earth lodges were so big. They look huge.

    It certainly looks like you did have a fabulous time. Continue to live the good life.

  4. Great pictures. You two certainly find a way to stay active and have lots of fun doing it. Good for you. I have to say, Jeff, you've never looked better than in that last picture hahahaha!!

  5. -So many places to see so little time... We have seen a lot in the last seven years but when we read other blogs we see just how much we haven't seen. We have put Fort Abraham Lincoln on the list.
    You don't miss the bike? I know I would, but then I am new to riding.

  6. Somehow I missed this post! Kayaking sure does a number on the wrist and hands. I had to come home after the first trip out and watch some videos on how to properly paddle. It really helped and the second trip out was much longer and more comfortable. Very little soreness.

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