Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sticky Itchy Happy in the UP

Grand Marais - Michigan's UP
Our days in Grand Marais have been wonderful...
Despite tremendous humidity and ravenous mosquitoes and biting flies!
I got 22 new bites in one afternoon/evening... 9 on one leg, 13 on the other. 
It looked like I had chicken pox... but now it looks more like I'm diseased because of the raw sores.
We've been comfortable with our site here at Woodland Park
We've enjoyed our Lake Superior beach, just down a few steps from our site...

The Story of the Chair
(see below)
The Story...
"Hmmm... the chair doesn't want to fold."
"What the heck?? What's with this chair!!"
"Here Honey... let me rinse it off, maybe that will help"
"Uuughh! You're right!  I've had it with this chair!!
"Ok... I cant toss it, we will leave it for someone else.  Good-bye chair."
"Oh, honey... I cant leave that chair... I like that chair"
"Ok dear... I will get your chair"
Of course we put the Kayak's in.
What was really special about kayaking this time, was the church bells we could hear from the lake.
It sounded incredible.
One song that I recognized was Blessed Assurance.  I had to sing!
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
We went for a drive into Pictures Rocks National Lakeshore and pulled off into a few viewpoints, and walked a few short trails...
 but to see what there is really to see of this NP, you must take the boat tour. 
The cruise leaves Munising at the South end, not here... so we did not go.
 I don't know about you other RVers who are on the road,
but we've struggled with when to leave here and where to go because of Labor Day weekend.
All this stress because of those "normal people" who think they need to get away. 
Oh what are we to do... what are we to do?
Well the decision is that we are leaving in the morning and going to St. Ignace.
We will just see how it goes from there. 


  1. nice that the two of you have enjoyed your stay..I see some new chairs in your future?

  2. Your post made me smile :)! Where are you guys headed for the winter?

  3. They have a great casino at St. Ignace. We stayed there in the boondocking area. You can visit Mackinaw Island from there. If you go there, take your bikes over on the ferry.

    1. That is the plan! To stay at the casino AND take the ferry with bicycles to the island.

  4. How special that would be to hear church bells while you are enjoying the beauty of the water. Priceless.

    Love the chair story. Did it ever fold?

    1. Nope... the chair still wont fold, and I still insist on taking it with us until we are at a store where we can replace it.

  5. We'll be in St. Ignace on Tuesday!! Drop me an email if you'll still be there, we're staying at the state park.

  6. P.S. we're taking our bikes to the island as well, only way to go, right?

  7. Did you get to the brewery in Grand Marais?

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