Friday, August 16, 2013


Yesterday was Travel Day...
from Bismarck ND to Buffalo River SP, not far over the border into Minnesota. 
Lots to see... the rolls of Hay lessened, the fields of Corn remained, and the Sunflowers increased.
We planned a stop at Jamestown, ND to visit Frontier Village
and hopefully see a white buffalo.
I called ahead to be sure that they had RV parking.  If I hadn't called ahead and verified that, we would have panicked a bit when we arrived.  This didn't look very hopeful for parking or turning around.
But they told the truth... around the corner was a large parking lot.

 There was a herd of Buffalo near the fence, but none of the white buffalo were nearby.  The woman in the museum said they were out there when she had come in the morning... shucks!

Frontier Village had everything one would need...
We had quite the experience ourselves...

We visited the school house... but it is Summer, so school was out.

We found a good church...
I read some Scripture, we sang a hymn,
and Jeff had opportunity to preach a fire and brimstone message.

Then like every good church goin' person would do...
We went to the local Saloon for a brewsky, and played us some poker...
but then Jeffrey got himself thrown in the pokey!

They couldn't hold him long... there wasn't a lock on the jail door!
So we had time to continue our tour of the village.

I guess that whole jail experience left Jeff a little flustered... he didn't quite know his place...

So that's it for our stop at Jamestown, and visit to Frontier Village!
Like I said in my post last night, we stopped for the night at Buffalo River SP in Minnesota.

Now we are on the road again, making our way to Duluth, MN where we will settle in for a few days.
We're stuck in a long line of traffic right now, on Hwy 210.  Yay.


  1. We stayed in Jamestown at the Frontier RV Park! We were originally going to stay in Fargo but the fairgrounds were terrible! We moved on to Jamestown. We stayed two nights which gave us a chance to visit the Frontier Village, the neat museum in town, and the local college. So glad you got to see the buffalo. No buffalo for us.

    Hope you finally made it through the traffic! Enjoy Duluth. We've never been there. Looking forward to pictures.

  2. What a fun place. I shall now address you two as Pastor Jeff and Sister Sheryl.

  3. Great pictures - You look right at home in that pulpit!! Enjoy seeing you having a good time.

  4. Looks like you 2 are having a great time. That is another place we will have to visit someday. So many little time.

  5. I was in Duluth a few weeks back, haven't posted about their architecture yet but they had some surprising gems. The bridge and the big boats are fun to gawk at too!

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