Saturday, August 10, 2013


We bought Kayaks! 
Like I said at last post, we were bored... so this has helped to alleviate some boredom. 
AND... we're building up some muscles!

We have Thunder & Lightning every day or night it seems.  We love it!  as long it doesn't hit us! 
Some of the photos below show the roaming Pronghorn in the area.


When the Hail comes, it gets a little more concerning... but we've been okay so far!

So we sold the Harley and Swivel wheel to simplify this next years travels... but now we bought Kayaks and need a way to transport them!  There were some options out there, but very expensive and not exactly what we wanted. 
SO... we built our own!

We built this rack that will carry both Kayaks over the cab of our truck while pulling a fifth wheel.  AND we saved $500 by building it ourselves!

Today we started some necessary cleaning on the Wheel House.  I say "started" because the storms came in before I had chance to hand over the scrubber and hose to Jeff to do the sides.  I did the roof.

But while I did the roof, Jeff had time to clean and paint our much used Grill... looks good!

We are planning to leave on Monday for our ADVENTURE... EAST!


  1. Enjoy the kayaks, if you get to this area we'll have to go for a paddle, lots of lakes & a few rivers nearby. Safe travels...

  2. You are the third couple I follow that bought kayaks this summer. Must be a wonderful hobby for sure. Enjoy

    The lightning photos are fantastic!

    Great job on the kayak carrier. Glad you two are so handy. Saved yourself a boat load of money.

    Safe travels East. We are headed West Aug. 31.

  3. Not sure if you saw our blog, put we bought a kayak, also (one of the couples Marsha mentioned)! We went with an inflatable Sea Eagle two man. We've had it out on the St. Lawrence River twice and really enjoyed it. With the MH and a Jeep with a removable top, we figured this was our best way to get a kayak. It folds up nicely and packs away. It is a little more difficult after paddling, however, because you have to wipe it dry.

    We will be on the east coast through April. Maybe we'll catch up for a kayak day!!

  4. Oh, fun... where did u get the kayaks?? they look like good ones! Am looking forward to your adventures & now the rivers & lakes you will put into!!!

  5. We have never tried a kayak, maybe some day. Hope we can hook up some time this fall.

  6. Thanks for showing the building of the kayak rack, I sent the link to my hubby because we were just discussing this the other day! One guy we met on the road last week paid $1000 for his Thule set up. Right!

  7. There certainly are a lot of places for you to use you new toys out . Have fun!! And nice job on the rack.

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